Introducing: Elasticsearch – the Company!

Hi everyone,

Today is a great day for the Elasticsearch project, all Elasticsearch users, open source in general and not in the least for my colleague, fellow company founder and originator of Elasticsearch - Shay Banon. Today is the day we launch the company behind Elasticsearch! In practice, this means that as of today, users and potential users of Elasticsearch have a definitive source for support, education and guidance with respect to developing, deploying and running Elasticsearch in production environments.

Shay and I connected though a mutual acquaintance (company co-founder Uri Boness) and started to share ideas about setting up a company around Elasticsearch. As it turned out, Shay and I shared a vision of creating an innovative company that will really make a difference in the Big Data space, and is focused 100% at creating products that truly meet the needs of users. With my background as co-founder of SpringSource, the company behind the popular Spring Framework, open source was an obvious ingredient of course. It didn't take us long come to the conclusion that cooperating on serving customers and helping companies make successful use of Elasticsearch made a lot of sense. Only months later we setup a company that is committed to the success of Elasticsearch users and that is committed to open source. We take these commitments very seriously. I am therefore very pleased to state that Elasticsearch will also make contributions to the Apache Lucene project, which is for obvious reasons an open source project that's very close to our hearts. All the more reason for me to also be extremely excited of having one of the leaders of the Apache Lucene project, Simon Willnauer, as a co-founder of the company and technology leader on my team.

Moving forward, Shay will continue to develop Elasticsearch, and will continue to develop a solution that's exactly what users want and what users need. As of right now, he has a whole team to back him up. During the next few months we will be adding talented Elasticsearch colleagues to the team, so if you're interested in being part of a great team of technologists in the big data search and analytics space, feel free to drop us a line!

I truly look forward to working together with my wonderful team towards the continued success of Elasticsearch. It's going to be great.

Steven Schuurman, CEO