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Introducing Elastic 8.1: More integrations, faster indexing speeds, and reduced data storage requirements

Hosted by:

Matt Ramsey
Matt Ramsey

Senior Solutions Architect



In this virtual event, we will walk through the exciting new capabilities and updates in Elastic 8.1 that enables you to accelerate app development with deeper visibility into serverless architectures and CI/CD build pipelines and to stop advanced adversaries with new prebuilt detections, new malicious behavior protections, and numerous new data source integrations.

With Elastic 8.1, users can look forward to faster indexing speeds, reduced data storage requirements, and a streamlined journey from question to answer (with new ad hoc analytics capabilities in Kibana).


  • Elastic Solutions
    • Elastic Observability
      • Accelerate application development with deeper visibility into AWS Lambda, CI/CD pipelines, and more
  • Elastic Security
    • Stop novel attacks with new detections for centralized alerting and malicious behavior protections for host-based prevention
    • Enrich visibility to accelerate detection and response with network packet analysis and new sources of threat intelligence and environmental activity
  • Elastic Stack and Elastic Cloud
    • Whether you’re reducing MTTR or hunting for threats — enjoy up to 20%  faster indexing speeds and 20% reduced data storage requirements with doc-only values
    • Solve smarter with new ad hoc analytics capabilities in Kibana that enable users to streamline the journey from question to answer
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