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Observability trends in 2022: A look into the future

Hosted by:

Gagan Singh
Gagan Singh

VP of Product Marketing, Observability


Nick Drost
Nick Drost

VP, Solutions Architecture



Take a sneak peek into the future of observability with the experts at Elastic! Join us on March 22 when we discuss future trends for the field of observability in 2022. Gagan Singh and Nick Drost from the Elastic Observability team will provide an overview of what to expect in the industry. 

As organizations move their operations to hybrid-cloud environments, managing cloud-native technologies and their complexity with observability has become increasingly important. From eBPF to machine learning and visibility into CI/CD pipelines, Gagan and Nick will discuss what they are seeing in the market, how customers are approaching it, and preparing for the future. Given how rapidly observability is evolving, it’s important to know what’s on the road ahead to help map your own plans and strategy. 

We will cover:

  • The rising business need and prioritization of observability
  • Emergence of key observability trends: focus on machine learning, reliance on open standards, and need for ad hoc analytics
  • Extending observability into security operations and into the CI/CD toolchain
  • Importance of observability pricing models and long-term TCO for organizations

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