Turn your data into a competitive advantage - Elastic in banking & payments

The banking and payment ecosystem has dramatically evolved to meet the rising demands of clients. The emergence of new tools to manage and exchange assets - real-time payments, open banking, 'buy now, pay later', digital wallets, etc. have led to an ever-growing number of applications, services, and data.

When it comes to managing financial technology, one thing is ultra clear; banks and payment providers alike need a better way of finding what they need to know faster. Whether it be monitoring their IT ecosystems, protecting their customers, or delivering business insights, they must be able to make sense of disparate data and correlate the information to make decisions or take action.

In this ebook learn how Elastic can help:

  • Create robust payment search and tracking experiences
  • Unlock data to deliver product personalization
  • Improve operational intelligence
  • Strengthen compliance posture
  • Mitigate risks like cyber threats and payment fraud

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