Welcome to the Elastic Team

A note from Shay Banon

Today, we welcome another fantastic team to the Elastic family. We are joining forces with, creators of a modern source code search platform used by thousands of developers around the world.

At Elastic, we live and breathe search, and we do so spending our days sifting through code, both in our own repositories or those of other open source projects. Needless to say, we understand and appreciate the challenges arising in this modern era of code with deciphering context at scale. addressed these challenges by developing a semantic search and code intelligence solution, that is both elegant and powerful. It also leverages Elasticsearch for many core features :)

When you think about it, a growing portion of our collective work product today is in the form of software code, across many sectors: health, financial, government, media, and more. Technologies like code search offer a unique lens into the value that exists beyond the objects, named functions, variables and constants that make up your codebase. It helps you make sense of the business logic that is embedded deeply in your applications. Programs are the core intellectual property of many organizations today, and enabling our users to navigate and understand that information is an exciting opportunity for us. We aim to make code search an indispensable tool for anyone: from new hires trying to understand their new workspace to the most senior developers, speeding up access to information and reducing work duplication.

Code search capability also aligns with our vision for solutions-based offerings: by using and combining components of the Elastic Stack in a very precise way, we can deliver focused and intuitive experiences that solve specific pain points, with little to no overhead for the user. This enables delightful user experiences right out-of-the-box, with the initial hurdles and optimizations already taken care of. This is not only true for code search, but also for a number of use cases across application search, APM, logging, metrics, security analytics, and more.

I'm delighted to see Chongzhe, Fuyao, Mengwei and the entire team join us on our journey to make search better. Everyone is already hard at work, and we can't wait to share with you what's to come.

A note from the founders

We founded to create a tool that would enable code development efficiency and insight for the millions of developers building new applications. A few years ago, we decided to build our product on top of the Elastic Stack because it allowed us to build the best product for our users. Now, joining forces with Elastic, we will be able to fulfill our vision and more.

When we met at Carnegie Mellon, we already shared a passion well beyond software development: it was innovation — and the tools that enabled it — that truly made us curious and excited. Throughout our careers, we have been exposed to great platforms and we decided to create a tool that could enable efficiency and insight to the millions of developers busy building the next generation of applications. Software is truly, undoubtedly eating the world, so we also wanted to design an offering that delivered value at scale. and Elastic are an obvious, natural fit. We built our code intelligence platform entirely on Elasticsearch, and as an early adopter of Elasticsearch, we've witnessed the transformation and evolution of a new open source search library into a successful company with a suite of solutions for logging, search, metrics, security analytics, and more.

For the past few months, we've been very fortunate to work closely with Shay and the Elastic team, and we were quickly convinced that the Elastic vision aligned well with our own. By joining forces with Elastic, we have direct access to technology and resources that will dramatically improve our ability to deliver an outstanding semantic code search product at the scale we've always envisioned.

Chongzhe, Fuyao, and Mengwei