文章作者 Andrew Cholakian

Tech Lead, Elastic

Andrew is the area lead for the Uptime Monitoring team at Elastic. He's a passionate open-source developer. Prior to working at Elastic Andrew was engaged in a number of startups in roles ranging from developer to co-founder. He lives in Minnesota with his amazing wife and ferocious cat.


Elastic Synthetics Projects: A Git-friendly way to manage your synthetics monitors in Elastic Observability

Elastic Observability can easily integrate into your DevOps git flow when managing applications with synthetics. Our new Synthetics Projects will enable you to develop and manage synthetics monitor configurations written in YAML with git.


使用 Go-Lookslike 测试数据形状

介绍 Lookslike — 一种新的开源 Go 测试/架构库,帮助您应对所有数据验证需求。