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How Air Combat Command Enables Mission Defense Teams


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Jason Motte

Defensive Cyberspace Operations


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The Air Force recognizes the need for persistent Cyber Defenders dedicated to mission assurance of weapon systems. In 2016, the department answered this call by launching the Mission Defense Team (MDT) pathfinder effort. As Lead for Air Force Cyber, Air Combat Command (ACC) has the responsibility to organize, train, and equip the cyber defense force with the most effective and relevant tools to perform their unique mission. Elastic is a part of the toolset provided by the Cyberspace Vulnerability Assessment/Hunter Program Office for Defensive Cyber Operations that ACC has successfully leveraged for this mission. Come hear about ACC’s vision to expand the use of Elastic to other potential threat vectors, including the MIL-STD-1533, AIRINC-429, and SCADA data. You’ll also learn how ACC is executing a series of formal tests against the E3 (AWACS) air frame using Elastic to identify and visualize anomalies on the MIL-STD-1553 aircraft data bus.