This Week in Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene - 2016-04-18

Welcome to This Week in Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene! With this weekly series, we're bringing you an update on all things Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene at Elastic, including the latest on commits, releases and other learning resources.

Top News

Elasticsearch Core

Changes in 2.x:

Changes in master:


  • Many PRs to remove PROTOTYPE and use aggregation registry.
  • Adding tombstones to the cluster state for deleted indices.
  • The allocation explain API will display shard store info when appropriate.
  • It should be possible to disable strict JSON quoting for bwc during 5.x.
  • The task manager should be able to persist the results of long running tasks like reindex.
  • EmptyQueryBuilder is being removed.
  • Java HTTP client support sniffing, now working on connection pooling.
  • The .percolator type will be replaced by a percolator field.
  • Indexed scripts will change to stored scripts and live in the cluster state, instead of in an index. Should there be a soft-limit on how many scripts can be stored?
  • The DSL for inner hits is being cleaned up, and the top-level inner hits DSL is being removed.
  • Aggregation names can overwrite other keys like doc_count. Is this a problem?

Apache Lucene

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