Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for September 18, 2017

Welcome to Keeping up with Kibana! This is a weekly series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.


  • [K7][UI Framework]: Adds panel component #1378829899212-ea20c218-8d9e-11e7-9d74-5a971ac587ac.png
  • [K7][UI Framework]: Text color component #1379129907366-d8d0d6e8-8dcf-11e7-8136-65b4a3fd4ab5.png
  • [K7][UI Framework]: Accordion component #1381030087660-bc5caa4c-9256-11e7-9e14-6b6e3ecc5cb4.png
  • [K7][UI Framework]: Bottom bar component, ghost buttons #13917
  • [K7][UI Framework]: FlexPanel component, better docs #13924
  • [K7][UI Framework]: Adds alternate style to SideNav component #13944
  • [K7][UI Framework]: Add icons to K7 #13972
  • [K7][UI Framework]: Progress bar component #14003progress_bar.gif
  • [K7][UI Framework]: Design prototype for Combo Box #13914


  • Fix "is one of" multi-select inside filter editor #13771
  • Fix refresh button to resend query even if it hasn’t changed #13759
  • Make default sort order configurable #13708
  • Fix relative z-index of spy panel and filter editor #13717
  • Improve missing index pattern error message #13915
  • Expose Kuery API to Visualizations #13912

Dev Tools



  • Bug fixes
    • 5.x and up
      • Users can now pan beyond the dateline on a map #13955
      • Don’t crash IE11 when hovering over certain UI elements #13830
      • Fix upgrade issues from 5.4/5.5/5.6 #13659
      • Don’t ignore custom label values for X-axis with multi-aggregations #13639
      • Gauges handle negative values correctly now #13638
      • Heatmaps now size correctly on dashboard #13636
      • Gauges now wrap correctly in a dashboard #13242
      • Vector layers now display correctly in the combo-box (fixes a regression in 5.4.1) #13931
    • 6.0 and up
      • Creating reports with single  metric now works #13933
      • Fix Y-axis label positioning #13885
      • No longer log error when toggling date ranges #13860
      • No longer auto-apply options in the tagcloud #13859
      • Fix TSVB rendering #13854, #13858
      • Do not disable save button when toggling settings in timepicker #13793
      • Disabled aggregations are no longer removed on applying visualization configuration #13686
      • Don’t show timepicker when index pattern doesn’t  time field: #13640
    • 6.x improvements
      • Accessibility improvements in Visualize: #13780, #13817, #13726
      • Users can now use the relative date formatter, with the elapsed time relative to the current time #13921
      • In TSVB, when using  a filter ratio, users can now use any field for cardinality aggregation #13762
      • In TSVB, users can now label with custom date format #13626
      • In TSVB, splitting behavior now shows multiple gauges #13583
    • Improve automated test coverage: #13957, #13949
    • Thanks to the community
      • Added Dotplot plugin #13975
      • Ensure centroid does not fall outside the geohash grid cell #13581
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