Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for May 15, 2017

Welcome to Keeping up with Kibana! This is a weekly series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.


  • [UI Framework] Updated CardGroup component example to exhibit stacking on smaller screens. #11751
  • [UI Framework] Displaying React logo next to React components in the nav. #11746
  • [UI Framework] Fixed some flexbox errors with the UI Framework docs. #11719
  • [UI Framework] Improved UI Framework Home Page and 404 Page. #11715
  • [UI Framework] Wrapped Cards within a non-united CardGroup. #1170423b78666-365a-11e7-9a66-1f76fa50844b.png
  • [UI Framework] Added Elastic logo to UI Framework doc site. #11686
  • [UI Framework] Improved navigability of the docs. #11666


  • Made Discover field chooser items keyboard accessible. #11591
  • Made Discover table keyboard accessible. #11604
  • Improved Discover screen-reader accessibility. #11598
  • Don't prevent filterable rows from being filterable #11628
  • Added Lucene query syntax doc link #10928


  • Improved Management screen-reader accessibility. #11601
  • Index Pattern creation time field selection was improved. #11664pr11664.png

Dev Tools

  • Improved Console screen-reader accessibility. #11602


  • Functional tests once again take screenshots on failure #11709
  • Makelogs and Mocha are now run with scripts, not npm #11665


  • Improved Dashboard screen-reader accessibility. #11600
  • Stopped second toast from popping up when using the `Add new visualization` button directly from dashboard #11621
  • Fixed a bug in some pagers where it always said “x of x” #11617
  • Don’t kill an entire dashboard when one visualization’s response doesn’t complete (for instance, one of the common “invalid field” errors. #11337


  • 6.0.0 changes
    • Removed the default WMS settings from the map options #11573
  • 5.x fixes and improvements
    • Improved Visualize screen-reader accessibility. #11599
    • Auto-suggestion in Timelion now works correctly. #11638
    • Added an aggregate function to Timelion. This can reduce a set of points to a single value (e.g. sum, min, average, …) #11556
    • The moving average function now supports Date math (e.g. 1m, 1h) #11555
    • For Timelion, users can now specify a minimum interval in the Advanced Settings #11476
    • Added support for series with a constant value to Time Series Visual Builder #11496
    • Improved latitude/longitude display on the tilemap. #11718
    • Added new Tag Cloud tests to the selenium test suite. #11636
    • Rows in the Data Table, which were created with a filter aggregation, can now actually be clicked to create a corresponding filter in Kibana’s filter bar. #11628
    • The metric vis now renders html content from field formatters correctly #11008
  • 5.4 bug fixes
    • When configuring WMS-servers, you are no longer restricted to the zoom level limit based on X-pack license level #11701
    • Boom errors are now returned directly to the browser in Time Series Visual Builder. #11656
    • Removed geo-centroid as an available metric-type for non-geospatial visualizations. #11630
    • Splitting charts by rows now no longer renders duplicate chart titles #11594
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