This Week in Elasticsearch - August 28, 2013

Welcome to This week in elasticsearch. In this format we try to inform you about the latest and greatest changes in elasticsearch. We try to cover what happened in the github repositories, as well as all the events happening about elasticsearch and give you a small peek in the future.

Elasticsearch core

  • Updated the plugin manager to changes in github's download urls structure (#3551 , master & 0.90)
  • A fix for a NPE in the new completion suggest feature which can occur if all docs for a completion field were pruned during a merge  (#3555 , master & 0.90)
  • The cluster update settings API did not return if called with non existent settings or settings which are not dynamically updatable  (#3560 , master & 0.90)
  • The random score function (used by the new function_score query), now takes the index name and shard id into account when seeding it's random number generator (#3559 , master & 0.90)
  • Id cache statistics were not correctly updated when an entry was removed  (#3563 , master & 0.90)
  • The debian package now also checks /usr/lib/jvm/default-java as a JAVA_HOME candidate (#3500 , master & 0.90)
  • The bin/elasticsearch shell script no longer writes the  pidfile as it is already done in the java code  (#3529 , master & 0.90)
  • Fixed inconsistent usage of ScriptScoreFunction in FiltersFunctionScoreQuery  (#3464, master & 0.90)
  • Setting index/bulk thread pools with queue_size could cause replica shard failures as replicas could reject indexing requests from primary shards. This settings is now ignored for those operations (#3526, master & 0.90)
  • Upgraded to joda 2.3 (commit , master & 0.90)
  • Added a multi term vectors API that allows to get term vectors for multiple documents in one call (#3536, master only)
  • Replica shards will now also refresh when moving to STARTED state  (#3573, master & 0.90)
  • Added highlighting to new distributed percolate api (#3574, master only)
  • Parameter naming was tidied up for the new multi percolate api (commit, master only)
  • When sorting on a string field, you can specify how to sort documents which do not have a value for that field. This is done in a similar fashion to numerical fields where this options is already supported.  (#896, master & 0.90)
  • Fixed extraction of site plugins downloaded from github, which caused _site plugins to be installed under the wrong folder (#3551, master & 0.90)
  • Fixed a rare error which can occur if a shard relocates during searching (commit , master & 0.90)
  • Big shard relocation could slow down new index creation because the transfer of large files would consume all available streaming resources. (#3576, master & 0.90)

Elasticsearch ecosystem

We try to give you some more information about what is happening in the ecosystem we are maintaining around elasticsearch, be it plugin or driver releases or news about kibana.

Elasticsearch community

Got an interesting open source project, plugin, driver or anything else for elasticsearch? Here is your time to shine! Just drop us a note and we will list it here (and on the .org website, of course!).


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