Use drilldowns for dashboard actionsedit

Drilldowns, also known as custom actions, allow you to configure a workflow for analyzing and troubleshooting your data. For example, using a drilldown, you can navigate from one dashboard to another, taking the current time range, filters, and other parameters with you, so the context remains the same. You can continue your analysis from a new perspective.

Drilldown on pie chart that navigates to another dashboard

Drilldowns are specific to the dashboard panel for which you create them—they are not shared across panels. A panel can have multiple drilldowns.

Drilldown actionsedit

Drilldowns are user-configurable Kibana actions that are stored with the dashboard metadata. Kibana provides the following types of actions:

Dashboard drilldown

Navigate to a dashboard.

URL drilldown

Navigate to external or internal URL.

Some action types are paid commercial features, while others are free. For a comparison of the Elastic subscription levels, see the subscription page.

Code drilldownsedit

Third-party developers can create drilldowns. Refer to this example plugin to learn how to code drilldowns.