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Marvel 1.2 Released

Today, we are excited to announce the release of Elasticsearch Marvel 1.2. With this upgrade, we are bringing some amazing new features to our Marvel users. These features include the shard allocation dashboard, improved navigation and customization, and updates to the Sense knowledge base to bring it up to date with the latest Elasticsearch 1.2.1 release. As always the new release works with Elasticsearch version 0.90.9 and up.

Shard Allocation Dashboard

We’ve added a new dashboard for visualizing the shard allocation of the cluster for nodes and indices. With this dashboard you can now see how the cluster is allocated and how the indices are distributed among the nodes. You can also go back in time to see how your cluster has changed over the past few minutes, hours and beyond. This feature should be a big help for diagnosing why your cluster went red at 3 am.

And here is a demo video showing off the new features…


Improved Navigation and Customization

In previous versions, saving a dashboard would detach it from the Marvel dashboard list and place it into a completely different drop-down – similar to how Kibana works. We felt like this was impacting the user experience, and wanted to make saving customizations a much smoother experience. With this in mind, we refactored the top navigation to simplify things.

We’ve replaced the default Kibana dashboard drop down with a single save button that allows the user to customize their dashboards and replace the defaults. When the user customizes the “Overview” dashboard and saves it, the Marvel navigation will then use the customized saved version from that point on.

Updates to Sense to include Elasticsearch 1.2 Features

To keep up with Elasticsearch’s new features we’ve upgraded Marvel’s knowledge base to include the latest APIs from Elasticsearch 1.2. The updated APIs include the new percentiles, significant terms, and cardinality aggregations. The following endpoints additions are also included: _cat/plugins, <code>_cat/segments, _search/template, <code>_count, and _snapshot.

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade, you must install the latest Marvel plugin on all your Elasticsearch nodes. As with any other Java plugin, you will need to restart nodes (one by one) in order for the version to become active. Please refer to the documentation for step by step instructions.

For a complete change list, see the documentation.

We welcome all feedback so we can continue improving Elasticsearch Marvel. Please send questions, praise or pains to the Elasticsearch User Mailing List.

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