Kurrently in Kibana: This week in Kibana for April 3, 2017

Welcome to Kurrently in Kibana! This is a weekly series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.

"Spring time is upon us! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and Kibana awakes from its two month slumber with the release of version 5.3.0. Unless you’re in the southern hemisphere, where winter is coming. In any case, Kibana 5.3.0 for everyone!"


  • Fixed interval drop-down for date histogram in Discover #10384IntervalDropDown.gif
  • Used smarter select component for selecting index pattern #10144SmartIndexPattern.gif
  • Factored out sorting and column manipulation in the document table #10924, #10681


  • When importing saved objects, saved searches are now imported first as they might be referenced by saved visualizations or dashboards. Fixes errors like the one below #10740SavedSearchError.png


  • Replaced Elasticdump and ScenarioManager with a new esArchiver module.  This new module allows us to easily manage our snapshots of testing data for use throughout integration tests.  This is another step along the way to replacing intern for selenium tests and allowing plugins to create selenium tests in addition to Kibana core  #10359
  • Fixed an issue where a top hits aggregation with no data in a dashboard would sometimes result in a notification error #10905
  • Upgraded jquery to version 2.2.4, which is the latest version of 2.x #10950


  • QA working on 5.4.0 release features.
  • SSL changes working in full stack integration tests on master and 5.x. Integration test is finding issues related to SSL #10984


  • Fixed a bug introduced with an old PR that wasn’t exposed until the Top Hits aggregations were introduced.  If you had more than one Top Hits metric on your dashboard, and were in a date range that had no data for your index, the msearch request would fail.  Bug, PR that fixed it, PR that introduced it
  • View/edit and landing page Dashboard docs updated #10965view-edit.gif
  • Filter pinnability, and pin state, is now hidden in embed mode, since it doesn’t make sense in that context #10816


  • Add percent tick formatter to Timelion #10917
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