Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for Nov 19th, 2018

Welcome to Kibana weekly update blog!



The previous week we began a proof of concept for disabling certain ui capabilities based on cluster privileges. This will be utilized by ML, APM, and potentially the major version upgrade assistant. The token provider is coming along as well, with the provider being primarily done, the focus at this point is on the automated tests.

Alerting Service

We have updated the design of the alerting service phase 1 to include a stronger definition of what makes an alert. There is now two methods for an alert a check method and a notify method. The check method will return an indication if it was successful and that notify should be called. This will give us the ability to add things like logging useful history around whether alerts should have performed their notifications or not.

Localized Kibana

All localization PRs for Infrastructure, Logs, and Central Management have been merged. Some Kibana area teams have already started to localize files on their own. EPAM is finalizing the Knowledge transferring materials.


Elastic Maps Service

  • Sophox which is used internally for vector layer generation, is live on the new production environment. It’s ready to serve the community and all their OSM-wikidata mashup needs. Give it a try!



  • A slower week on this front (thanksgiving, people in support rotation, focus on EMS migration/Kibana maintenance)
  • Started design and security reviews, as well as spend some effort on getting the build to go green again as well as minor tweaks to UX (add-layer-wizard now has fewer steps)

Canvas integration

It was a short week for most of the Canvas team, save for Robert who continued the very valuable work of bringing persistent element grouping, a critical precursor to the much hyped templated elements, to fruition.

Phoenix Flyover

We tweaked the workpad that Joe created to track flights over the Phoenix office. We now show some nicely formatted markdown for the plane and a helpful description of what the heck our audience is looking at. The background color also changes as the hours of the day pass.



Canvas Clipboard

Catherine introduced a local storage based clipboard that can handle copying and pasting Canvas elements between pages and workpads. Sooooo helpful!


Interpreter moved to OSS

There’s a lot of curiosity around using Canvas expressions in other areas of Kibana. To make that easier, and ship the new visual editor, Peter lead the charge to move the Canvas interpreter to a new OSS package that can be imported to various bits of Kibana.

Reusable Assets

Now it’s easier than ever to reuse existing assets. Previously you’d have to much around in the expression input to reuse uploaded images, now you can simply pick them inline!


Snapping elements to themselves

For some time now Canvas has had snapping in elements, so when you moved them around they’d try to anchor and align themselves to other elements on the page. But what about when you just want to move something up/down or to the side? You want the element to alignment TO ITSELF (ooo meta). Well Robert has a pull in that makes them do just that. Check it out:


Kibana platform testing coverage

Major components are complete.  We still have some test failures, primarily with windows unit tests and the usual flaky functional tests.  Any other test fixes, additions or further maintenance can also be tracked in git. Currently running in RM snapshots for Linux and Windows, a case with infra is open for Darwin workers to be added.  I can also break down to specific OS flavors as noted in the ES matrix support if we would like to do that. A review of Telemetry data from Alona is still pending.

Stack testing

Elastic stack tests jobs are now linked into release manager upstream job.  The estf cloud jobs are still pending as they need to be an upstream trigger to the cloud ci not release manager waiting on updates from cloud team.   Also investigating upgrade test automation scenarios.

Cloud testing

Currently working on adding kibana x-pack functional tests.

Team summaries


The biggest update from the team is that we’re nearing merge on full Typescript support in EUI. This shouldn’t have any effect downstream and is being carefully reviewed by the Cloud and Kibana teams. We hope to get this in before December and then will start the process of converting more of our components over. Going forward, any new components to EUI will be built in TS.

Despite our best efforts there hasn’t been much movement on the React-Datepicker PR we put up to add accessibility. We’re going to vendor the library directly in EUI to address our short term needs, then later start from scratch with our own implementation sometime in 2019.

Lastly we merged the EUI pattern for the revised global time picker, setting the stage for that that functionality to make its way into Kibana in 6.6.


  • Update global date picker #1219
  • copy ExpressionButton's active state to a focused state #1326
  • Vis public UI LESS to SASS #25333



  • Fix prettier throw rule error (#26071)
  • Remove mutex from kbn pm bootstrap as all ci jobs are running isolated (#26058)
  • Fix git dir discovery into the pre-commit hook setup (#25870)



  • kibana master 21800 Swap jstimezonedetect with Fixes #17841
  • kibana master 25914 [chrome/breadcrumbs] migrate to the new platform

KibanaApp (Visualizations, Sharing, Discover)

In the past week we've made some progress on stabilizing reporting testing again, continue work on the new EUI filter bar, and also making progress towards using Canvas expressions for all visualizations. We moved the Canvas interpreter (that parses/executes canvas expressions) into its own Open-Source package, and are close to using that infrastructure for all visualizations.


  • show drop partial buckets option (#25520)
  • Move buildEsQuery to a package (#23345)
  • New visualization type selection (#23833)
  • [I18n] Translate Graph (#23987)
  • Add en for numeral locale setting (#25948)
  • dont use schemas in aggconfigs to output dsl (#26010)
  • pass global filters from editor (#26009)
  • Bug fix - Graph UI settings not displayed, reverting to master's settings.html (#26008)
  • removing indexPattern from vega/tsvb/timelion request handler (#26007)
  • [pageObjects/visualize] use retry to avoid stale element references (#25973)
  • Graph bug - 6.5 Settings panels broken (#25927)
  • Discover translations (#24079)
  • move canvas interpreter to OSS (#25711)
  • Feature/dashboard translations (#24328)
  • Vis public UI LESS to SASS (#25333)
  • Remove lab stage for visualizations (#25702)
  • [I18n] Translate Timelion - top navigation menu (#25801)
  • Fix vertical scroll on long legends (#23806)

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