Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for June 12, 2017

Welcome to Keeping up with Kibana! This is a weekly series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events. This post actually covers the period between May 22 and June 12.


  • [UI Framework] Added isInvalid states for TextInput, TextArea, and SearchInput components #11995
  • [UI Framework] Fixed bug with UI Framework background height not expanding to fit content #11880
  • [UI Framework] Added KuiKeyboardAccessible component to UI Framework. #11743
  • [UI Framework] Added snapshots for Warning Button tests #12202
  • [UI Framework] Simplified markup for CardGroup at the expense of added specificity in the styles #12183
  • [UI Framework] Fixed appearance of united CardGroup #121322c7583f6-470e-11e7-9ed0-68f36760e140.png
  • [UI Framework] Created a react prompt for items #12151a238558e-47a7-11e7-9dd1-9255f4e06ee2.png
  • [UI Framework] React pager #118020f7513e6-3982-11e7-8a13-9eb6b85c5249.png


  • Improved accessibility of the Datepicker. #11753
  • Structured filters: #11375
  • Made the tiebreaking field configurable and now uses the _doc field instead of the _uid field by default to avoid filling up the fielddata cache #12096
  • Improved Filter Editor UI #12161
  • Fixed discover table on-hover filter icon background occluding too much #11819


  • [Index Patterns] Disabled time-based options when needed #12011
  • [Scripted Field creation] Workaround until there is an ES API for listing available scripting languages #12051


  • Bumped css-loader dependency to play nicely with Yarn. #12103
  • Replaced `module.exports` and `define()` (define!!!) with es6 exports for reliable module resolution #12084
  • Added eslint-plugin-import and use @elastic/eslint-import-resolver-kibana to resolve imports, clean up some incorrect module use and help prevent future problems #12025
  • Replaced outdated node-uuid module with uuid in Kibana 


  • Got rid of auto-release-sinon in favour of built-in sinon.sandbox functionality. #12099
  • Used proper Content-Type request header instead of kbn-version and kbnx-srf for server CSRF check. #12019
  • Documented merge conflict resolution process in #12212 


  • Fixed use of KuiButtons in Clone Modal. #12050
  • Changed flexbox rules of Dashboard Panel visualization containers so that they don't get squeezed by the spy. #12038
  • Moved drag handle attribute onto the button element itself within Dashboard Panel. #12030
  • Clone functionality now available for dashboards in view mode. #1092544e4dfa6-1467-11e7-98f2-aa971dea91d4.png
  • Fixed tag cloud resize issue when using full screen panel mode. #1200268634852-4142-11e7-9132-e1496b2b516f.gif
  • Fixed a firefox issue with the spy pane and not being able to scroll long panels in dashboard. #12031
  • Fixed an issue with dashboard not responding to url updates and a soft refresh. #12123
  • Removed encoding dashboard links that was preventing dashboards that had ids with spaces in them to be opened #12195
  • Fixed a bug that prevented dashboard from updating to changes made directly in the url, without a hard refresh #12123
  • Fixed an issue in firefox with panels not scrolling #12031
  • Fixed an issue with tagclouds not being resized properly after being maximized to full screen mode, and then minimized #12002
  • Introduced a new Stats API with basic saved object counts #11992
  • Fixed an issue where navigating back to the visualization tab after using the `add new visualization` button in dashboard failed to retrieve the newly saved visualization #11932


  • 5.4.1 fixes:
    • Resolved security vulnerability, which allowed XSS-attached with TSVB markdown support. #11770
    • Scrolled zooming on the map is disabled. This caused issues with navigating the Dashboard on Safari.
  • Starting at 5.5, Kibana will support two new visualizations:
    • Gauge visualization: use a gauge to show metric values, and compare to reference thresholds #10336.daea9c28-f2b8-11e6-9169-356d813a2cf9.png
    • Region map: create choropleth maps. These are thematic maps, where the color of boundary shapes - such as countries, or states - corresponds to the intensity of a metric. #10937
      • Due to this new addition, to improve clarity, the existing tile map visualization is now called “Coordinate Map”.  
  • Time Series Visual Builder enhancements:
    • Users can now opt-in (or opt-out) to use use the auto-apply feature #11460
    • A new label now shows the time-interval of the X-axis #11639
  • Timelion enhancements:
    • Timelion now shows the function reference after the user dismisses tutorial. #12006
    • Timelion now support multi-line queries. #11972
  • Other bug fixes:
    • Minimizing tag-cloud on a Dashboard now correctly reposition elements. #12006
    • Resovle toggling issue in the point series option panel #12065
    • Area charts now render with single data point. #12057
    • In the sidebar editor for point series, error message no longer display when they shouldn’t when changing aggregations in certain edge conditions #12000
  • Other UX improvements:
    • Users can now configure the amount of items of the listing pages for Visualizations and Dashboards. #11674
    • The apply-button in TSVB now correctly activates when  a user changes the panel options. #12114
    • Faint padding now no longer obscures the bottom of a line chart. #12191
    • The sidebar-editor can now be navigated with the TAB key.  #11754
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