Introducing Elasticsearch Marvel

Native Management and Monitoring for Deployments

Today, we're making an announcement that's probably the most important one Elasticsearch has made since we founded the company.

With unbelievable pride and excitement we would like to introduce you to Elasticsearch Marvel – our brand new management & monitoring product. Marvel is 100% native to Elasticsearch, built from scratch by the team that also develops Elasticsearch and is effectively the #1 requested ecosystem product requested for our product stack. We hope you will be as excited about it as we are!

What does Marvel do Exactly?

Marvel solves one of the most important challenges anyone who has deployed Elasticsearch has encountered: how to gain a complete view of the state of a deployment and how to manage clusters towards optimal health. Although Elasticsearch exposes a very rich set of system statistics through its Stats API, translating those outputs into actionable cluster health information is an entirely different issue. Marvel instantly provides much-needed visibility into a deployment, both in real-time and historically.

Native Monitoring for Deployments

Marvel is directly connected with every node in an Elasticsearch deployment and records and visualizes all metrics produced by each node in a cluster, allowing the operator to monitor the current, real-time state as well as the historical state of the cluster. This level of visibility into the Operating System, the JVM, and the various services that are running within Elasticsearch and Lucene, combined with low level system metrics like machine load, CPU, disk, network and memory usage, provide invaluable insights that weren't available before. Although deceivingly simple, being able to correlate core system metrics with Elasticsearch and Lucene specific metrics, is unbelievably valuable. No other off-the-shelf monitoring system is able to provide this level of transparency into your Elasticsearch deployment.

How to get Marvel

Getting Marvel is simple - you can install it via the command line or download it and install as you would any other Elasticsearch plugin. You can learn more at

The Rules are Simple

We decided to make Marvel completely free for development use and downloadable without any registration of any kind. Marvel is a commercial product though, so if you want to use it to for your live deployment you need to buy a license. If you're an Elasticsearch subscription customer, you get a full license to use Marvel included with your subscription package.

If you're not already a subscription customer, you can find all our product information at

And no, $500 for the first five nodes isn't a typo. We've priced our offering to be affordable to any and all Elasticsearch users. We certainly hope you enjoy using Marvel as much as we enjoyed building it for you!