Celebrating Our Success: News from PuppetConf 2014

I first began developing the Elasticsearch Puppet module at a previous employer, where I was already a huge fan of both technologies. I loved working with Puppet because it was so easy to use; its configuration language is very descriptive, making it simple to understand what you’re doing under the hood. I’d really enjoyed my experiments with Logstash and Elasticsearch, and started whipping up Puppet modules for both of them in my spare time, hoping to see both deployed at my workplace. These efforts led to me joining Elasticsearch to work on the Puppet modules full-time, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, I have a great news to add to that story. If you’re attending PuppetConf 2014, you’ve probably heard about the brand new Puppet Approved program. I’m really extremely honored and excited to share that the Elasticsearch Puppet module was selected as one of the very first modules to be Puppet Approved!

The team at Puppet Labs has created the Puppet Approved program to make it easier for customers to choose modules for specific automation tasks and quickly deploy them to production. Puppet Approved modules are recommended by Puppet Labs, and meet its standards for quality composition, reliable operation, and active development.

In true open source fashion, the Elasticsearch Puppet module was a personal side project turned dream job. I’m thrilled to see that so many members of the Puppet community find the Elasticsearch Puppet module useful.

Happy Puppetizing!

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