This Week in Elasticsearch - September 04, 2013

Welcome to This Week in Elasticsearch. In this format we try to inform you about the latest and greatest changes in Elasticsearch. We try to cover what happened in the GitHub repositories, as well as all the events happening about Elasticsearch and give you a small peek in the future.

Elasticsearch core

  • Queries can now be named using a _name parameter, in the same fashion as the already available named filters feature. (#3581 , master & 0.90)
  • A couple of optimizations in the event processing of failing shards (commit 1, commit 2 both master & 0.90)
  • Count API  returns a 400 Bad Request when called with an illegal query (#3585 , master only)
  • An empty preference parameter will be treated the same as not indicating a preference at all  (#3591 , master & 0.90)
  • Improved the shard balancing algorithm when awareness zones are used and zones do not have equal capacity (#3580 , master & 0.90)
  • The documentation source is now part of the main code repo. This will make it easier to add documentation for new features in the same commit as the code (commit , master & 0.90)
  • Fixed a typo in the config of the light Finnish stemmer (#3594 , master & 0.90)
  • Replicas do not verify TTL constraints when indexing document as this has already been verified by the primary. This can cause issues in extreme cases where the TTL is so short it expires between indexing on primary & replica (commit, master & 0.90)
  • Improvement to phrase suggestion in the case where the input is a rare but correct phrase  (#3547 , master & 0.90)
  • New completion suggester could run into a stack overflow if the input was very long  (#3596 , master & 0.90)
  • The plugin manager will now smartly inspect unpacked zip files and will remove single top level folder whose name match the zip file name. This allows you to install plugins you have manually downloaded from Github   (#3582 , master & 0.90)
  • Primary shard allocation could be delayed if other shards were relocating (#3610 , master & 0.90)

Elasticsearch ecosystem

We try to give you some more information about what is happening in the ecosystem we are maintaining around Elasticsearch, be it plugin or driver releases or news about Kibana.

  • Logstash version 1.2 was released. The new release offer a major increase in performance (3.5x faster), comes with shiny new features like conditions & codecs, and offers a new data schema. More information here and here.
  • Version 1.6.0 of the elasticsearch thrift plugin was released. Check out the change log.
  • The Elasticsearch puppet module has a new home.

Elasticsearch community

Got an interesting open source project, plugin, driver or anything else for Elasticsearch? Here is your time to shine! Just drop us a note and we will list it here (and on the .org website, of course!).


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