0.19.9 Released

elasticsearch version 0.19.9 is out. You can download it here. It contains several bug fixes but also new features, including:

Snappy Compression

New experimental support for snappy compression on top of the current lzf. Changing to use it is as simple as setting compress.default.type to snappy. Note, anything already compressed with lzf will still work correctly.

text renamed to match

The text query name gave it great injustice, as it nicely also handles dates and numeric types as well for example. It was renamed to match in order to better reflect what it actually does, with backward support for the text name as well.

On top of that there is now support for multi_match query, allowing to more easily run match queries on several fields without the verbosity of using bool query to wrap it.

Explain API

New API called explain, allowing to easily check how and why a specific document matches a query, or even understand why a specific document does not match a specific query.

Networking Enhacements

Several networking enhancements geared towards reducing further the amount of buffer copies while doing network operations, and better defaults for network buffer sizes.

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