Elastic Machine Learning for Cybersecurity


Course Summary

Security analysts have the daunting daily task of identifying potential threats in an endless ocean of host and network data. In this class, you’ll see how Elastic machine learning can help you quickly and efficiently detect those threats, regardless of how much data you need to analyze. Elastic machine learning features can aid in modeling the behavior of your network security data trends, periodicity, and more, all in real time to identify issues faster, streamline root cause analysis, and reduce false positives. After completing this course, you’ll be able to use the powerful features of Elastic machine learning for identifying anomalies in your security data.

Topics Covered

  • Using Elastic Machine Learning for Security
  • Exploring the Security Threat Landscape
  • Detecting Security Anomalies
  • DNS Data Exfiltration

Course Details

This course is a module of the Security Analytics specialization. Find out how our focused Training Specializations can help you with your use case.


Security Analysts, Security Practitioners, Information Security Consultants, System Administrators


2-3 hours



  • Stable internet connection
  • Mac, Linux, or Windows
  • Latest version of Chrome or Firefox (other browsers not supported)
  • Disable any ad blockers and restart your browser before class