Get Overall Buckets

This API enables you to retrieve overall bucket results that summarize the bucket results of multiple jobs.


GET _xpack/ml/anomaly_detectors/<job_id>/results/overall_buckets

GET _xpack/ml/anomaly_detectors/<job_id>,<job_id>/results/overall_buckets

GET _xpack/ml/anomaly_detectors/_all/results/overall_buckets


You can summarize the bucket results for all jobs by using _all or by specifying * as the <job_id>.

An overall bucket has a span equal to the largest bucket_span value for the specified jobs.

The overall_score is calculated by combining the scores of all the buckets within the overall bucket span. First, the maximum anomaly_score per job in the overall bucket is calculated. Then the top_n of those scores are averaged to result in the overall_score. This means that you can fine-tune the overall_score so that it is more or less sensitive to the number of jobs that detect an anomaly at the same time. For example, if you set top_n to 1, the overall_score is the maximum bucket score in the overall bucket. Alternatively, if you set top_n to the number of jobs, the overall_score is high only when all jobs detect anomalies in that overall bucket.

Path Parameters

(string) Identifier for the job. It can be a job identifier, a group name, a comma-separated list of jobs or groups, or a wildcard expression.

Request Body

(boolean) If false and the job_id does not match any job an error will be returned. The default value is true.
(string) Returns overall buckets with timestamps earlier than this time.
(boolean) If true, the output excludes interim overall buckets. Overall buckets are interim if any of the job buckets within the overall bucket interval are interim. By default, interim results are included.
(double) Returns overall buckets with overall scores higher than this value.
(string) Returns overall buckets with timestamps after this time.
(integer) The number of top job bucket scores to be used in the overall_score calculation. The default value is 1.


The API returns the following information:

(array) An array of overall bucket objects. For more information, see Overall Buckets.


You must have monitor_ml, monitor, manage_ml, or manage cluster privileges to use this API. You also need read index privilege on the index that stores the results. The machine_learning_admin and machine_learning_user roles provide these privileges. For more information, see Security Privileges and Built-in Roles.


The following example gets overall buckets for jobs with IDs matching job-*:

GET _xpack/ml/anomaly_detectors/job-*/results/overall_buckets
  "overall_score": 90,
  "start": "1403532000000"

In this example, the API returns a single result that matches the specified score and time constraints:

  "count": 1,
  "overall_buckets": [
      "timestamp" : 1403532000000,
      "bucket_span" : 3600,
      "overall_score" : 40.0,
      "jobs" : [
          "job_id" : "job-1",
          "max_anomaly_score" : 30.0
          "job_id" : "job-2",
          "max_anomaly_score" : 10.0
          "job_id" : "job-3",
          "max_anomaly_score" : 80.0
      "is_interim" : false,
      "result_type" : "overall_bucket"