Open doors with Elastic Certification

You mastered the Elastic Stack, now it’s time to enhance your professional visibility and push aside technical boundaries within your company by becoming Elastic certified.

Elastic certification is tough, but we have tips for making sure you’re prepared.

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Elastic Certified Professionals can now be added to Support contact lists at no charge.

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Choose your certification

Elastic is flexible enough to be applied to almost any use case, so we offer a variety of certifications to cover a variety of expertise.

  • Elastic Certified Engineer

    Elasticsearch experts who can develop solutions for indexing, searching, and managing data

  • Elastic Certified Analyst

    Kibana experts who have mastered data visualization and advanced analysis

  • Elastic Certified Observability Engineer

    ELK Stack experts who can set up and monitor an observable system

What people are saying about Elastic certifications

Elastic certification is a great way to make yourself stand out in your industry, but don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our amazing Elastic Certified Professionals have to say about the benefits they've experienced since passing their exam.

  • Show your expertise

    "Taking the certification shows you the power of Elastic. [This certification] started getting recognized for this by our customers and they now know they are dealing with professionals."

    — Lucian P, Founder & Principal Consultant

  • Gain recognition

    "When you get certified, you are going to be really valuable. People from all over the world are coming to me asking about Elasticsearch."

    — Jesse P, Search Development Specialist

  • Create opportunities

    "I improved my skills. This improvement also benefited in my new job when I fix issues and when I help to provide a better search experience for my customers. I can give them more professional suggestions."

    — Joe W, System Architect

  • Take your team farther

    "In terms of being able to make really good use of Elasticsearch, we were falling behind, and we weren't necessarily able to find the right talent. [Elastic Certification helped us] get better at it and dig deeper and utilize advanced features."

    — Mehmet T. A., CTO