Where in the World is Elasticsearch? - May 12, 2014

Welcome to the latest installment of Where in the world is Elasticsearch. We've got David Pilato and Honza Kral speaking at conferences en France, plus plenty of awesome meetups featuring our core devs!

DjangoCon EU

If you happen to find yourself on the beautiful Île des Embiez in France, you're probably already at DjangoCon EU. Good for you, my friend! Join Honza for his talk From __icontains to search and enjoy hacking from the beach!


The dotScale folks have organized another fantastic program in Paris. David Pilato and Adrien Grand will help kick off the festivities on dotScale Workshop Day! Join David and Adrien this Saturday, May 17th at from 2-6 PM for a hands on Introduction to Elasticsearch. David and Adrien will be on hand for whole dotScale conference, so make sure to say hello in the hallways.


Where to get your tasty ELK stack tidbits, from Algeria to the Philippines.

Tuesday, May 13th

  • Elasticsearch Copenhagen: Join Alexander Reelsen and Karel Minarik at the inaugural Elasticsearch meetup in Copenhagen. We're talking Elasticsearch and Rails, Elasticsearch and Social and Elasticsearch: What's New, What's Next. Many thanks to the folks at Falcon Social for helping us organize this first ever shindig in Copenhagen, and for sharing their Elasticsearch story!
  • OpenStack Algeria: Join these fine folks for a full day of presentations, including a demo of Elasticsearch, Logstash and Graphite in action.
  • CloudTalk (Bellingham, WA, US): Afficiandos of Elasticsearch and .Net can join the festivities and hear all about ElasticLinq.

Wednesday, May 14th

Join David Pilato, Adrien Grand and Costin Leau at the 6th Elasticsearch France Meetup. Doors open at 6:30 PM in Paris. Costin will talk Elasticsearch and Apache Hadoop, and our friends at Nuxeo will share the story of how Elasticsearch made their lives better. Many thanks to the folks at Nuxeo for having us, and for speaking!

Thursday, May 15th

The Barcelona on Rails Meetup will welcome Clinton Gormley to speak on Elasticsearch's Query DSL: Not Just for Wizards! Door open at 7:00 PM. Many thanks to the Barcelona Rails folks and XING for hosting us!

More to Come...

We've got a packed event calendar next week. Stay tuned to this space for more news next Monday!

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