Marvel 1.3.0 Released

Today, we are happy to announce the release of Elasticsearch Marvel 1.3.0. A lot has happened in Elasticsearch (including the release of Elasticsearch 1.4) since the previous release of Marvel. This version adds monitoring for these new features, e.g. query cache and the new circuit breakers. On top of that, Sense's knowledge base was extended to include the latest API. We also added HTTPs support, preparing Marvel for the up-and-coming release of Shield, our security product.

To upgrade, you must install the latest Marvel plugin on all of your Elasticsearch nodes. As with any other Java plugin, you will need to restart each node (one by one) in order for the newer version of Marvel to become active. The upgrade process is described in more detail in the Marvel documentation.

To conclude, here is complete list of all the goodness that went into this release:


  • Added: support for shipping over https.
  • Added: Automatically detect the local node's port when using not default Marvel settings (previously it was always 9200)
  • Improved: resiliency and error checking around the marvel index template (both checking for it and adding it).
  • Improved: logging upon error, suppressing repeated logs.
  • Improved: Change _bulk export command to set the index name in the url param. This is useful when `rest.action.multi.allow_explicit_index` is set to false.
  • Fixed: an issue causing a tribe node (ES 1.4.0) not to initialize when Marvel is installed.
  • Removed: support for optional shard level stats, as there were not visualized anywhere in the UI.

Monitoring UI

  • Added: charts for new circuit breakers introduce with ES 1.4.0
  • Added: a chart to plot circuit break limit.
  • Added: a charts for Query Cache.
  • Added: charts for index throttling.
  • Added: charts to expose memory usage of the index writer and version map.
  • Fixed: Network Transport Bytes Received chart actually shows bytes sent
  • Fixed: Node Stats dashboard missed some thread pools.


  • Added: a settings to allow disabling mappings and/or indices autocomplete. This is useful for extremely large deployments where parsing by the browser is unrealistic.
  • Added: Cluster Reroute API.
  • Added: Get Field Mappings API,
  • Added: Query Cache parameters to the Search API.
  • Added: Analyze API.
  • Added: Validate Query API.
  • Added: Put Percolator API.
  • Added: cluster.routing.allocation.* settings
  • Added: weight param to the Function Score query.
  • Added: Flush API.
  • Added: show_term_doc_count_error parameter to the Terms Aggregation.
  • Added: Update API
  • Added: _geo_distance as a sort option.
  • Added: Updated the Significant Terms aggregation to 1.4.0 features.
  • Added: metadata fields to the Mapping API.
  • Added: Get Index API.
  • Added: Scripted Metric Aggregation.
  • Added: simple_query_string query.
  • Added: Updated the More Like This Query to 1.4.0 features.
  • Added: min_childeren, max_children options to the has_child query and filter.
  • Added: Updated execution hint options in terms and significant terms aggs.
  • Added: transform section of Mappings API.
  • Added: indexed scripts and templates.
  • Added: Geo Bounds aggregation.
  • Added: Top Hits aggregation.
  • Added: collect_mode option the Terms aggregation.
  • Added: Percentiles Rank aggregation.
  • Added: Disk Threshold Allocator settings.
  • Fixed: URL autocomplete failed when completing fully qualified urls (i.e. with protocol and host).
  • Fixed: include_in_parent and include_in_root was missing from nested type mapping.
  • Fixed: Range filter template to use gt, gte, lt and lte.
  • Fixed: Exists filter autocomplete.
  • Fixed: Snapshot and Restore API failed to autocomplete repository settings.

As always, we welcome all feedback so we can continue improving Elasticsearch Marvel. Please send questions, praise, or pains to the Elasticsearch User Mailing List or find us on Twitter.

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