Kurrently in Kibana: This week in Kibana for May 1, 2017

Welcome to Kurrently in Kibana! This is a weekly series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.


  • Fixed missing border of PaginatedTable rows in Firefox #11452c8ce7718-2a70-11e7-80f5-28aed3557da6.png
  • [UI Framework] Added example of spinner Icon #11424
  • [UI Framework] Added uiFramework:build task #11402
  • Updated angular-bootstrap DatePicker with UI Framework classes #11378593d7a58-2759-11e7-899d-e29786e9f948.png
  • Deprecated Bootstrap buttons #11352


  • Context view: Added documentation #11222
  • Docs: Fixed image encoding issue causing weird colors in Chrome #11367


  • Index Pattern creation: simplified UX by removing the "Index contains time-based events" checkbox #1140989906112-298d-11e7-9975-9ee8635f714b.png
  • Index Pattern management: Converted ScriptedFieldsTable and SourceFiltersTable to UI Framework components #11401f84cda52-2912-11e7-9cc7-e68f4c4aedd6.png
  • Now reporting shard failures in the field_capabilities response #11450a2b31e4c-2a81-11e7-9884-26956cca7ee3.png

Dev Tools

  • Console: Added autocomplete rules for reindex API #10150



  • Fixes and additions:
    • The play-button is now correctly disabled when there are errors in the configuration #11383
    • Using a WMS service no longers restricts users to zoom out to zoom level 0. Previously, users could only zoom out to level 1 when using WMS #11399
    • Added Timelion getting started guide #11065
    • Allowed white-spacing in Timelion statements #10961
  • Some internal housekeeping:
    • Improved legibility of Editor code #11359
    • Made flaky selenium test no longer flaky #11464
  • .. and more 5.4 bugfixes and improvements (these do not affect current users)
    • No longer log an error to the console when navigating from heatmap #11487
    • Configuring a pipeline aggregation no longer crashes when user defines a cyclic dependency #11421
    • Improved the getting-started documentation #11426
    • Ensured in&out sliding panels to not cause the visualization to unnecessarily invalidate itself.  #11299
  • Documented new aggregation support #11034

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