Kurrently in Kibana: This week in Kibana for April 24, 2017

Welcome to Kurrently in Kibana! This is a weekly series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.


  • [UI Framework] Added support for selects and secondary inputs to LocalNavSearch component of UI Framework #11287
  • [UI Framework] Added AssistedInput #11343
  • 76b121ca-25bf-11e7-869e-8ad868607eb5.png
  • [UI Framework] Added support for dark theme links #11344
  • [UI Framework] Added example of disabled kuiSelect #11345
  • [UI Framework] Added kuiButton--fullWidth kuiButton--small, and kuiButtonGroup--fullWidth modifiers #11365
  • [UI Framework] Vertical align children in a FieldGroup #11374


  • Use courier in event context view #11127
  • Fixed bug causing page to reload when typeahead item is clicked #11100


  • [Advanced Settings] Updated Advanced Settings page with UI Framework components #11272c94e0858-2330-11e7-8b01-2b549d29c7b6.png
  • Refactor Index Pattern Creation logic #11210


  • Resolved bug with short-urls respecting the state:storeInSession setting #10822
  • Finished default to named conversion for ui/public folder.


This week’s theme is bug fixes and improvements to new 5.4 features. So none of these affect current versions of Kibana.

  • In the landing page
    • there are no longer missing icons in Visualize listing #11243
    • Updated docs for new vis landing page #11262
    • Updated illegible vis type icons with legible ones #11317
  • For the Time Series Visual Builder
    • Top N bar charts are no longer using gradients #11342
    • Allow templates for legend labels #11266
    • Label now correctly display falsy values #11265
    • Users can now modify the maximum bucket size when manually specifying date intervals #11245
    • Correctly cast number and text fields for percentile aggregations #11169.
    • Correctly handle when no matching indices are found #11241
  • For the tile map
    • Ensure the heatmap opacity settings works #11241
    • Ensure fit works when no data is on the map #11256
    • Ensure multiple maps can be added to the dashboard #11257