It’s Time! Elastic{ON}15 Registration Is Finally Open!

It's official: Registration for Elastic{ON}15 is open.

Almost a month ago, I gave you an early look at what to expect from our first Elasticsearch user conference happening March 9-11 at Pier 27 in San Francisco, CA. Since then, we've seen a huge, positive response to Elasticsearch hosting this exciting event. The whole company has come together to plan a truly inspiring couple of days, and I'm happy to share even more details with you today about what's to come.

First, I can imagine everyone wants to know who is speaking and what topics we will cover. We have put together a preliminary agenda, which outlines a variety of sessions that fall into three main tracks: ELK in the Wild, Developer, and Demo Theater.

ELK in the Wild is entirely dedicated to hearing from you, the user. Many of you out there submitted to speak during this track and share how you're leveraging Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana to do great things. As we've been reviewing the abstracts, we have to say, we'll never get tired of hearing about the amazing work our users are doing.

The Developer (or “Dev") Track is your opportunity to hear from the people behind the projects you know and love. They will cover a number of themes and give you insight into what you can expect to see in the future. I am super excited about our speaker lineup: Clinton Gormley, Isabel Drost-Fromm, Jordan Sissel, Rashid Khan, Costin Leau, Robert Muir, Boaz Leskes, Spencer Alger, and the list goes on!

The Demo Theater is our time to work together and learn together. Throughout this track, members of the Elasticsearch team will walk you through live demos of our products. Leslie Hawthorn will be opening this track with a talk about the community. Need I say more?

I also want to point out our entire engineering team will be at the conference - and they want to hear from you! So when we aren't on stage speaking, we'll be there to hang out between sessions. You can find us wandering the halls, at our Ask Me Anything stations, as well as hanging out in the developer lounge where we'll host conversations around specific topics and have lightning talks.

The full agenda is on the Elastic{ON}15 website. We'll be updating and adding to it in the weeks to come…maybe your name will be on it!?

It's been mesmerizing to watch Elasticsearch grow. Elastic{ON} 15 definitely marks a milestone for the company and the products, and we'd love for you to be part of the continuing journey this coming March.

(Also, the events team kindly reminded me that space is limited and is sure to fill up fast, so get registered on the Elastic{ON}15 website ASAP!)

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