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Elasticsearch Training Comes to India

We feel very lucky that thousands of businesses worldwide continue to adopt Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana for uses that start as simple as full-text search, all the way up to performing powerful, real-time analytics for log analysis, fraud detection, digital forensics among a plethora of other use cases.

In order to set up their implementations for success and resolve known issues faster, we support our users by offering subscriptions to get direct access to our engineers for guidance on topics such as security considerations, proper architecting, sizing, performance optimization and integrations.

But the first step in this process actually starts with training. Our training courses go over the ins and outs of our technology including the ELK stack, helping attendees understand the basics of distributed search application development and the various use cases our products can help with.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce we will be bringing our training courses to India thanks to our new partnership with SpringPeople. SpringPeople is a leader in corporate training within India for high-end and emerging technologies. They currently work with market leaders like EMC, MuleSoft, Typesafe and VMware - and we’re thrilled to join the ranks.

The first Core Elasticsearch course will be held on 24/25 September and ELK Workshop on 26 September. Secure your spot today - they go quick! - at training.elasticsearch.com.