Elastic{ON}16: The Biggest Elasticsearch Gathering Ever is Coming Soon!

On the heels of our biggest release to date and our global tour, we're now less than 90 days from our second annual user conference, Elastic{ON}16, from February 17-19, 2016.


Last year's event was a huge success, with more than 1,100 amazing attendees and talks from NASA's Mars Rover team, Goldman Sachs, Netflix, and Microsoft. What I enjoyed most was that it was a conference about learning, and that amongst each other, our users, customers, and employees got to share ideas about how they use Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana.

Elastic{ON}15 Presentations

A packed presentation at the first Elastic{ON} conference. This time around, expect more deep technical presentations (and more comfortable chairs!).

With our new products like Beats, Found (Elasticsearch as a Service), and our security, alerting, and monitoring extensions (Shield, Watcher, and Marvel), I'm certain that conversations at Elastic{ON}16 will extend beyond our wildest imagination. So this year, we're not only making Elastic{ON}16 even bigger and expecting more than 2,500 attendees, but we're also using this as an opportunity to make it even better!

Some things I'm most excited about for Elastic{ON}16.

  • San Francisco's Pier 48: It's super raw, and I'm really excited that we have lots of flexibility and more room to make this a unique experience for you. We are always striving to host our events at locations that embrace creativity, and if at all possible, never at a hotel!
  • 42+ deep technical sessions: You've always pushed us for more technical tracks and user stories, and this year, we've doubled this capacity. We've also limited the number of tracks so it's not as hard to pick which session you want to go to.
  • Ask Me Anything, all day, every day: Back by popular demand, and even bigger, our engineers, product, and technical leads will be available for more than 20 hours. By our calculations, every single attendee can get one-on-one time with our experts.
  • New product announcements: We have plans to launch a number of new products as well as new features to existing products. Come and get a first-hand preview of them.
  • More comfort (and maybe butt pads!): Of the things we were asked to improve for this year's conference, more comfortable chairs topped the list (by a long shot). We'll be fixing this and also will be creating lots of cozy hangout spaces. In fact, we are having many samples of the chairs sent to our Mountain View office so our people can test them out, not just for a minute, but entire working days!
  • Party @ the new Exploratorium at Pier 15: As many of us are science and tech geeks, I'm super excited that we can rent this iconic museum out for the night.
  • New pre-conference training workshops: Based on polling our community, we're adding two new educational courses which will only be conducted at Elastic{ON} — "From 0 to Log Hero" and "From 5 to 1,000 Nodes" — for a small fee.
  • 300+ Elastic employees: Our entire company will be present, and we're bringing everyone to San Francisco so that you can meet them.

Free Stickers

Yes, there will be free stickers. Plus some new swag and cool giveaways.

I hope you can join us! And I hear from our team that we have more than 500 people registered in our first week of open registration and that Early Bird pricing will be ending soon. If you want to submit a talk, please do so ASAP as we'd love to hear your topic.

See everyone in February, and here is a taste of last year:

Elastic{ON}15 Highlights Video
Elastic{ON}15 Photos

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