How HotelTonight Finds the Best Hotels in the Moment: An Elastic{ON} Reflection

Elastic{ON}16 was a blast! The content and the venue had so much to offer. I had never been to a conference with an AMA (Ask Me Anything) booth before, and I thought that was really one of the more valuable parts of the whole setup (I had been itching to ask questions about filter cache). I also really enjoyed the closing Q&A session with Shay Banon and Lew Tucker. It was inspiring to hear a recollection of each of their careers and how they ended up where they are now.

Speaking at Elastic{ON}16 was an unforgettable experience. It was my first opportunity to speak at a conference, and I could not have been happier with the venue, coordination and the outcome. The atmosphere on stage was really great, and all the equipment was extremely easy to use. Everything went smoothly, and it was great to connect with so many people at the end.

I once heard that stories make for good talks, and this is a story about our experience using Elasticsearch that we’re still writing at HotelTonight. Behind the words and slides, smiles were had, tears shed, and glasses clinked throughout our journey. Hope you enjoy, and next time you’re feeling spontaneous, try HotelTonight!

elasticon-16-sf-hoteltonight.jpgTo watch the full HotelTonight presentation, click the image above or just follow this link

Paul Sorensen is a Platform Engineer at HotelTonight. We plucked him from Chicagoland, where he was building Rails web apps, digging deeper into Elasticsearch, and rooting hard for the Bears. He now keeps busy scaling HT’s infrastructure to support massive data demands, within a constantly changing real-time marketplace servicing millions of requests per day. You can find Paul taking his breaks at the ping-pong table, HT Bar, or playing soccer with the HotelTonight team.