0.19.8 Released

elasticsearch version 0.19.8 is out. You can download it here. The release includes bug fixes including integer overflow when reading the new compressed stored format, and a fix for failure to of recovery of peer shards due to failure to detected comrpessor (not common).

Dangling Indices

It also includes better handling of dangling indices. Dangling indices happen when a node that has several indices stored locally, joins a cluster and those local indices do not exists in the cluster metadata. This usually does not happen, especially not with proper gateway.recover_after_nodes flag, but still, users can by mistake get into this state.

A new setting gateway.local.auto_import_dangled setting, with possible values of no (never import dangling indices, but also delay the delation of them), yes (import dangling indices), and closed (import dangling indices, but in closed state). The default value is yes.

This also allows to recover “other” indices into a cluster, by mv’ing it into an existing node or a new node, where they will be detected as dangling and be recovered (or imported) into the cluster automatically. Actually, it also has a nice trick of possibly using a “new” index name based on the name of the index on the file system.

Wildcard Multi Index Syntax

Multi index syntax has just become considerably simpler. Current multi index sytax allows to specify several indices to search on using test1,test2,test3, now, it also support wildcards, for example: test*. It also support the ability to “add” (+) and “remove” (-), for example: +test*,-test3.

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