Watcher 1.0 RC1 - Try it Now!

Today we announce Watcher 1.0.0-RC1!

This release features a few enhancements and bug fixes to the Beta2 release. To name a few:

  • It is now possible to set dynamic variables using scripts that can be shared across the different constructs (conditions, transforms, actions, etc…) during the watch execution.
  • The _execute API now supports inline watch definitions, making it easy to test your watches before creating them.
  • Email html body sanitization is now configurable.

We’re getting closer to GA by the day and this release can be considered feature complete for 1.0.

As with previous releases, you can install RC1 using the same beta key you received in the Beta1/2 registration email, but this time appending  `-rc1` to your key:

bin/plugin - elasticsearch/watcher/<watcher-beta-key>-rc1

Haven’t registered yet? Do it now and try Watcher out!

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