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Kibana 4 Video Tutorials, Part 1

With the much-anticipated release of Kibana 4, we were thinking about how to help users get up to speed quickly with the new feature set.

As a first step, we wrote up comprehensive documentation for Kibana 4, which is a great reference. However, we felt that the power and ease-of-use of the new interface was best conveyed in a series of short video tutorials, ranging from a high-level overview to panel-by-panel recommendations on how to migrate visualizations from Kibana 3 to Kibana 4.

Today, we publish the first four of these videos, with more to come!

The first video introduces you to Kibana 4 navigation at a very high-level. Whether you are coming over from Kibana 3 or just starting with Kibana, this one is worth while to check out.

The second video walks you through how to build a specific visualization in Kibana 4, in this case a pie chart.

The third video shows how you can re-create Kibana 3 "hits" panels in Kibana 4.

The fourth video shows how you can re-create Kibana 3 "terms" panels in Kibana 4.

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Links to other parts of Kibana 4 Video Tutorials series:

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