Kibana: This week in Kibana for August 21, 2017

Welcome to Keeping up with Kibana! This is a weekly series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.

Last week we released version Kibana 5.5.2 and 4.6.6 along with 2.4.6 of the x-plugins, these releases contain security fixes.

We've been working on 5.6.0 and 6.0 releases and testing upgrades between them. 

We're also making the new K7 UI design real by building out the UI Framework and the new CSS model.

Finally, we're working on a number of accessibility improvements for 6.0, watch for an upcoming blog post on the topic.

Speaking of blog posts, take a look at the Timelion Tutorial if you have a chance.


  • K7 components
    • Add KuiButtonOption #13540
    • Fix KuiCheckbox and KuiSwitch visual bugs #13515
    • Add onChange prop to KuiCheckboxGroup #13510
    • Refactor form component interfaces #13493
    • Update uiFramework build task and webpack config to support themed CSS files #13487
    • Cherry-pick generator and doc site improvements #13479
    • Fix formatting in generator-kui templates #13443
    • Add KuiToast and KuiGlobalToastList components #13441
    • Refactor and add tests for KuiSideNav components #13382
    • Require modifiers for components with multiple types #13380
    • Remove deprecated used of component mixin from KUI generator's SCSS template #13377
    • Add KuiCallOut and KuiVerticalRhythm components #13306
    • Link buttons, link flush buttons #13504
    • Badge component #13520
    • Clean up toasts #13502
    • Form components #13435forms.gif
  • Add functionality for hiding and showing the chrome when viewing Sandboxes #13475
  • Fix KuiPopover examples #13461


  • Make filter pills keyboard accessible #13331
  • Create keyboard mode for ui-ace editor #13339aceditor.gif
  • Truncate long field names in filter editor #13379
  • Make 'all filters' actions keyboard accessible #13391
  • Handle booleans in filter editor #13406
  • Improve accessibility of the discover app #13498
  • Fix fixed-scroll on Discover page #13516
  • Improves dark theme support in the filter editor #13522
  • Emphasize important difference between Kuery and Lucene query syntax #13592


  • Upgrade eslint-config to 0.10.0. #13323


  • Fix flaky test situations and improve test stability:  #13467, #13296
  • Sort case insensitively on the landing pages #13397
  • Show spy pane in full screen mode but not embed mode.  This was actually the case prior to this PR but it was more accidental than intentional #13395
  • Port over k7 popover ui framework component #13322
  • Fix full screen toggle button sometimes being hidden behind panels #13320
  • Make sure full screen option is available in dashboard mode #13247
  • Fix accessibility issues with saved object finder #13152
  • Introduce concept of embeddable panels on a dashboard #12146
    • Removes specific panel type logic knowledge from dashboards and allows additional panel renderers as plugins (currently the only two are saved search and visualizations).
  • Fix dark theme issues with spy pane and spy toggle #13345
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