Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for July 24, 2017

Welcome to Keeping up with Kibana! This is a weekly series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.

We've got a rather large two weeks worth of updates today.

In 6.0, we’ve made a ton of progress toward our long-running goal of removing the raw proxies to Elasticsearch through the Kibana server.  We’ve removed the admin proxy entirely, which means all requests to things like the .kibana index or the .reporting indices has been removed to dedicate endpoints on the server.  The data proxy still exists, but we’ve restricted all operations on it to simply search and msearch requests.

You'll note references in the Design sextion to K7, this is our project to significantly redesign and improve the Kibana user experience over the next major release or so. The first push will be to streamline and standardize the CSS model using our UI Framework.

There is new experimental Kibana query language in 6.0 which has goals towards improving usability of queries wherever users need to interact with them.

Also in 6.0 is a significant refactoring of the Visualize code base with the goal of making it simpler to implement new visualizations in a consistent reliable way.


  • Use alpha logo, retain branding in fullscreen mode #12735fullscreen.gif
  • Update favicons to match K6 coloring #12774favicons_k6.png
  • [UI Framework] Fix disappearing borders for LocalNav search select #12803
  • [UI Framework] Update LocalNav layout to fix menu button hover state #12739
  • Update HTML style guide with rule about putting nested elements on multiple lines #12812
  • [UI Framework] Reactify table components #12349
  • [UI Framework] Allow textbox filter to change the displayed message (e.g., “Search” or “Filter Text”) #12959
  • [K7] Add SCSS style guide #12850
  • [K7] Add Icon component #12920
  • [K7] Add KUI Yeoman generator. Support creation of components and documentation. #12951
  • [K7]: Header / global nav sass #12935
  • [K7]: Adds Pop Menu and Key Pad Menu css. Replace bemify. #13037
  • We created a new branch to do some initial, trial work on K7 CSS.
    • [K7] Remove all UI Framework K6 CSS and examples. #12808
    • [K7] Reorganize UI Framework documentation styles so they all live in doc_site/components. #12809
    • [K7] Create global_styles dir with sub-directories. #12833
    • [K7] Add SCSS reset. #12837
    • [K7]: KUI variable naming, sizing and responsive breakpoints #12846
    • [K7] Font families, mixins and sizing #12876
    • [K7] Font sizing, weights, families and mixins #12879
    • [K7] Refactor UI Framework directory structure to house everything in a src directory. #12880


  • Make filter editor suggestions opt-in #12710filter_suggestions_toggle.png
  • [Accessibility] Improve the accessibility of the Discover screen #12681
  • [Accessibility] Add button to skip past the discover doc table #12539
  • New experimental Kibana query language #12624kibana_query_language.png
  • Fix call to suggestions API to correctly use index pattern title #12917


  • Use single ES document type #12794


  • Update regex used to detect IE for long URL length warnings #12617
  • Allow plugins to turn off the “link to last URL” navigation helper: #13044
  • Ability to configure custom response headers for all requests to Kibana, which allows admins to set custom headers for things like x-frame-options #13045
  • [breaking] Removed the “admin” proxy #13000
  • [breaking] Restricted the “data” proxy to msearch/search #13020


  • Fixed a bug in Dashboard Only Mode where visualizations weren’t rendering. #12766
  • Fixed a bug with search listing page results not matching substrings. #12618
  • Fix issue where setting a notification to “Infinity” did not behave as intended #12980


  • Towards 6.0 beta
    • The visualize refactor PR got merged.This separates the Editor component from the Visualization. It now also enables plugin developers to use any rendering technology of choice, so users are no longer limited to using Angular. For more details, see #11786 and the accompanying documentation PR  #12755 (under construction).issue_11786_0.JPG
    • Tmap now can now only request data that is within the bounds. This  improves performance when dealing with large datasets, as less data will be requested from the server. #12806
    • Users can now control the fontsize of markdown visualizations. #12860
  • A new community visualization plugin, which uses Vega, is available. #12923
  • 5.x enhancements and fixes
    • Users can now configure the grid in TSVB #12385tsvb_gridsize.gif
    • Whether the last bucket must be dropped is now configurable in TSVB #12379
    • The region map now shows the attributions of the individual vector data layers #12647
    • X-axis label is now no longer cut-off in certain layouts. This fixes a regression #12663
    • Date histogram axis label is now getting updated when the time interval changes 12949
    • Custom formatters are now applied correctly for pipeline metrics #11933
    • Scaled metric values are now displayed correctly in the Data table #11929
    • Use the correct field formatters when displaying multiple metrics #12913