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How Elastic is helping Honeywell generate sales from online search

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that produces commercial and consumer products. With roots dating to 1906, the multinational conglomerate offers chemicals, industrial manufacturing, engineering services, aerospace systems, and much more. The United States-based company employs 110,000 workers globally, and posts revenue of nearly $37 billion.

Honeywell is a key player in 50 industries. It produces everything from N95 masks to automated warehouse solutions and airport security scanners. Altogether, there are more than 1 million products in the Honeywell portfolio.

Honeywell isn’t as well known for software development. But that is about to change. Don Hsiao, Senior Project Manager, explains that Honeywell is emerging as an industrial software company, and has a goal to grow software sales 20% annually.

Hsiao, who is responsible for enterprise search at Honeywell, said Elastic App Search, part of the Elastic Enterprise Search solution, is an “important component” behind that software sales goal. In addition, App Search is central to Honeywell’s growth ambitions for its huge product portfolio, he says.

Supporting customer success

Hsiao says that, for businesses to be successful using App Search, it’s critical that they have good quality content that is tagged and searchable in a way that customers can find it.

“Elasticsearch is a powerful tool that can help your business meet customer needs for finding products, buying the products, and also finding support for the products. And today, through online channels, our App Search implementations are helping us generate $4-10 billion through our online search,” Hsiao says.

On Honeywell’s ecommerce sites, App Search powers a number of global and localized searches. This enables customers to search for product information, pricing, order status, product availability, and more.

When it comes to customers finding support for Honeywell’s products and services, the company has a number of portal sites with content customized by industry. That content — be it technical publications, case studies, white papers, or knowledge articles — is searched and found using App Search. 

What’s more, App Search is integrated with Salesforce to manage Honeywell customer support cases.

Rounding out the customer success journey, Hsiao says search has to be easy for customers that don’t know the exact phrase to find something they want to purchase. Honeywell takes advantage of App Search’s relevance tuning, synonym matching, natural language processing, built-in analytics, and more to surface products related to a consumer’s search. 

“It’s very critical for us to both help our customers find our products, understand our products, and also support them with our product lines as they continue to use them in their respective industries,” Hsiao says. “If you've got over 100 brands, if you've got over a million products, we have to find a way to help serve our customer needs. And that's what App Search really helps us do.”

Watch the full presentation to learn more about how App Search is fueling customer success and helping to generate as much as $10 billion from online search at Honeywell.