0.11.0 Released

ElasticSearch version 0.11.0 has just been released. You can download it here. This is a major release for elasticsearch, both in terms of feature set as well as stability.

Major list of features include:

Zero Conf Persistency

Out of the box long term persistency using a “local” gateway dubbed zero conf persistency.


Generic support for river which are services running within the elasticsearch cluster indexing streams of data. Rivers exists for twitter, couchdb, and rabbitmq.

Bulk API

A new API to do bulk indexing of data, greatly increasing the throughput of the indexing process. Details here.

Thrift REST Transport

A Thrift based REST transport (mimicking HTTP) for faster execution compared with plain HTTP.

Minor Features

Minor features include _source fields and the ability to use them in plain fields, named_filters, improved geo support, faster query_string and field queries execution, and of course, bug fixes.


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