Where in the World is Elasticsearch? - June 02, 2014

Welcome to this week's Where in the World is Elasticsearch?! Several members of our core developer team are speaking at conferences throughout the EU, and we've got meetups on from Belgium to Zurich. Read on to find where you can hear about all things ELK Stack, and a special chance to do live Q&A with our CTO, Shay Banon.

From last week's Berlin Buzzwords' Adventures - Adrien Grand on Elasticsearch Aggregations

Norwegian Developers Conference

NDC Oslo will welcome more than 1600 attendees this week, covering topics from Cloud to User Experience. Our very own Martijn Laarman, creator of NEST, will teach you all about implementing search and provide a tour of Apache Lucene under the hood.

Martijn's presentation, From text to full text, on Friday, June 6th at 15:00 in Room 6. If you have any questions on .Net and Elasticsearch, make sure to say hi to Martijn during the conference!

PyCon Russia

Bringing together lovers of all things Python in Russia, this annual 2 day conference takes place June 2-3rd near Yekaterinburg. If you're joining us for the festivities, please plan to attend Honza Kral's presentation on exploring your data, From __icontains to search.

Honza will take the stage in the main room at 14:10 on Day 2 of the conference. Don't forget to say hello in the hallway track - Honza is our go to guy for all things Python and Elasticsearch!

Topconf Bucharest

Topconf's vision is to be the conference series that inspires attendees with information on how to optimize business critical IT systems and to take future IT technologies and put them to the best possible use for customers. Costin Leau, the creator of Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop, will present on Big Data real-time search and analytics. His session will focus on big data through the lens of the Hadoop platform and teach you how Map/Reduce, Hive, Pig or Cascading jobs can leverage a search engine to significantly speed up execution and enhance their capabilities.

You can catch Costin's talk at 15:20 in the Asia room on Thursday, June 12th. Costin will also be at the conference in the hallway track if you want to talk about how to make your life with Hadoop better!

Mimacom Days Zurich

Our partner Mimacom organizes Mimacom days to give attendees the opportunity to network and hear about the latest cutting-edge technologies that can drive their businesses' success. This Wednesday, you can hear from Alexander Reelsen, Elasticsearch core developer, on Elasticsearch - Beyond Full-Text Search. Alex's talk starts at 9:45, directly after the conference's opening remarks.

Alex will be at Mimacom Days Zurich throughout the day, so make sure to say hello and ask him about all things JVM, concurrency, scalability and Elasticsearch!

You can get your Elasticsearch hackfest on this week with the BigBoards Garage Meetup group in Aarschot.


San Jose

There are several great talks happening at meetups worldwide this week, but we're particularly excited to let folks know that Shay Banon, creator of Elasticsearch, will be holding a live Q&A session at this week's Bay Area Search Meetup! Join Shay and a bunch of our core developers at eBay's San Jose campus tomorrow, June 3rd. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Thanks to the Bay Area Search Meetup and eBay for hosting us!

Aarschot, Belgium

The BigBoards Garage meetup group will be hosting an evening of fun and hacking on Logstash & Kibana on Tuesday night. Everyone will be getting together at 19:30 for the festivities. Let us know what cool things you build during the meetup!


The Austin Linux meetup group will be hosting an introduction to various technologies, including Logstash, Docker, OpenStack and more. Doors open at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, and this meetup promises to be a great teaser for all the great content on offer at the upcoming Texas Linux Fest. (Psst: you can get an Introduction to Logstash from Aaron Mildenstein, Logstash Core Developer, at TLF!)

Breizh, France

The Breizh JUG will welcome our very own David Pilato, to talk about all things Elasticsearch this Thursday. Amongst other topics, David will cover how Elasticsearch can make your life far easier than using plain old SQL queries. Doors open at 18:00.


The London Elasticsearch user group is getting together this Wednesday 93 Feet East. In addition to our fabulous venue, there will be three presentations on Elasticsearch use cases, from OpenTable to Elasticsearch on bare metal hardware. Following the talks, there will be Q&A with Elasticsearch core developers Clinton Gormley and Mark Harwood. Doors open at 18:30, and attendee spots are filling fast. Register now to make sure you get a spot on the guest list!

New York

Karen Sun and the team from Sports195 will discuss their use of Elasticsearch, plus provide a deep dive into their internal Scala Elasticsearch library which wraps the Java API. Following Sports195's talk, you'll be treated to a live Q&A with two visiting Elasticsearchers, Uri Boness and Binh Ly. Doors open at 6:30 PM at ThoughtWorks' offices on Madison Avenue. Many thanks to ThoughtWorks for hosting us!


Please join us on Thursday to hear from two Elasticsearch core developers, Alexander Reelsen and Britta Weber. Alex will be sharing all about what's new in Elasticsearch, including an overview of new features and the rationale behind the development process. Britta will deep dive into the Significant Terms aggregation, so if you're interested in finding out how to use Elasticsearch to find the uncommonly common, e.g. fraud and anomaly detection, don't miss this meetup! Doors open at 19:00 at Centralway HQ. Many thanks to Centralway for hosting us!

Lots of great stuff on this week. Remember, if you’re giving a talk, hosting a meetup or otherwise sharing the Elasticsearch love, let us know. We’d love to feature your knowledge sharing bits here!

Last but not least, we've got some exciting news from Elasticsearch land coming to you this week, so the best where to be is tuned into this blog. More to come!

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