Where in the World Is Elasticsearch - July 14, 2014

Last week was awesome! We had some great presentations around the world by our own developers and happy Elasticsearch users like Wildbit.

This week we are very excited to check out some brand new places - hello, Bath and Milan! - and accompany Shay Banon on his way to Tokyo for the 5th Elasticsearch Study Session!

Events & Conferences


Are you on your way to EuroPython or perhaps you are already in Berlin and are looking for weekend plans? Write the Docs, happening in Berlin on July 19th and 20th, is your place to go if you are all passionate about documentation systems, tech writing theory, and information delivery. Honza Král will be giving a talk about The Consistency Autobahn: Rules Keep You Safe on Sunday July 20th at 2:30pm.

We're happy to provide you the post-conference meetup drinks. And remember, we're hiring technical writers.


If you are all in for massive learning, massive fun, join us at OSCON in Portland from July 20th until 24th. We're looking forward to our visit to PDX, especially because we get to see all you lovely people. But since OSCON isn't for a few more days make sure to stay tuned here, as we'll get into all the juicy OSCON details (where to find us - Booth P18, when to hear us, what swag we'll have, etc.) in next week's Where in the World is Elasticsearch post.


Java Forum Stuttgart is a one day conference covering all things Java. Dimitri Marx, will be attending along with Livia Froelicher. Make sure to say hello at booth number 20 between sessions. The conference takes place on July 17th at the Culture & Convention Centre Liederhalle.


As part of a public educational course at the Tokyo Metropolitan University, Jun Ohtani, will give an Introduction to Elasticsearch on July 17th. Want to join us? Register here.



Neil Andrassy, CTO at The Filter, organizes our first meetup in the South West of England on July 14th in Bath. Neil will kick this thing off by explaining a little more about how The Filter is using Elasticsearch to help power their real-time content personalization platform. In the area? Join and sign up now.


It is a busy tech week in Berlin and we are trying to make people not busier but happier with an ELK Hackathon. Led by Florian Gilcher, organizer of the Berlin User Group, the Hackathon is happening on July 15th from 10am-6pm. There is limited space, so if you fancy some hacking before heading to the Tech Openair, please sign up here.


Feel like meeting up for an evening of fun with the TechLife Cincinnati user group? Their upcoming meetup on July 16th will cover some of the most popular 'Free and Open Source Software' (FOSS) tools used to monitor various aspects of your computer environment. Tools covered will include the ELK stack.


Our partner Seacom is hosting our first ever meetup in Milan on July 16th. Yay. Luca Cavanna, Karel Minarik, David Pilato and Richard Maurer will be onsite. Luca will be talking about What's new in Elasticsearch followed by a case study presentation from Lutech about Threat Management System for Breach Detection, Intelligence & Response.


The Symfony user group in France is gathering in Paris on July 15th and Olivier Dolbeau will give a short introduction to ELK. Doors open at 7:30pm. Spaces are limited so make sure you register.


After Seoul, Elasticsearch descends on Tokyo this week. And it's not 'just' your garden variety meetup in the wild. Our own crew with Shay Banon, Honza Kral, Igor Motov and Jun Ohtani are going to be there. So don't miss the chance to meet them all on July 14th and hear Igor and Honza talk about all things Elasticsearch. Sign up here.