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What's Cooking in Kibana

Elasticsearch 1.0 is almost here, and the Kibana team is gearing up for release right alongside. Along with the usual bug fixes and small tweaks, we've got some great new features for you in our next release:

Panel Groups

Panels are now organized into groups that happily contain as many panels as you you’d like. Rows collapse cleanly and panels consume no resources when hidden.

Chart Markers

Correlate deployments, logins and other critical events with changes in traffic, memory consumption or load. Chart markers let you input a custom query to be used to draw your important events inline with a time series chart.

Ad hoc Filters

Create your own query filters and save them for later. Filters are stored along with the dashboard and can be toggled on and off to compare the data subsets you define.

Top-N Queries

Click the colored dot next to a query to do more than set the query color. The new top-N query finds the most popular terms in a field and uses them to compute new queries.

Stats Panel

The Stats Panel distills a search down into a single, meaningful number.

Terms_Stats mode

Bytes served by country? Revenue per customer? Per-page memory usage? The terms_stats mode of the terms panel has everything you need.

Coming Soon

The next release of Kibana will occur in the coming weeks, but you can grab the current version right here. If you really want to get your hands dirty, pop on over to the GitHub repository. Feedback is welcome and encouraged, so keep those issues and requests for enhancement coming!