This Week in Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene - 2017-04-03

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That time we wired up a ballerina to index her movements into #Elasticsearch & visualize with #Kibana: #elasticon

— elastic (@elastic) March 23, 2017

Changes in 5.3:

Changes in 5.x:

Changes in master:

Apache Lucene

Lucene 6.5.1

We'll likely be starting the release process for 6.5.1 next week. There are chances it will be ready soon enough for Elasticsearch 5.4.0.

Potential memory leak with parent/child queries

This is similar to this other bug with term queries. In short, queries that reference IndexReaders (either directly or transitively) are problematic because queries might stay in the cache long after the index that they have been run against has been closed. This makes these queries hold references to the in-memory data-structures that Lucene maintains on top of the data that sits on disk and which can normally be reclaimed once a segment is removed. A fix for this bug will be in Lucene 6.5.1.

Other changes

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