The Summer of Elasticsearch in Berlin

This is a guest post from Cristina Santamarina , co-organizer of the Elasticsearch Berlin User Group and part of Asquera's community organization.

The Elasticsearch community in Berlin has been busy with all sorts of events over the past few weeks - and there is much more to come! In case you haven’t been following the news at @elasticberlin lately or you haven’t joined our meetup group - yet :) - here’s a brief summary of past and future activities.

Elasticsearch Hackfest

On May 28th, we held an Elasticsearch Hackfest, organised and coached by Asquera and Elasticsearch as part of Berlin Buzzwords’ Hackathon day.

Around 60 people got together to learn more about Elasticsearch and work on cool projects. The teams worked on small, fun to build apps that sent users notifications using the Percolator, made movie recommendations based on other movies you like using Elasticsearch or helped German newbies to determine a word gender with Logstash.

The Elasticsearch Hackfest was great for developers new to Elasticsearch, as they got to learn in a more hands-on environment. For more seasoned Elasticsearch users, it was a great chance to play around with all the newest bits and to chat with other members of the community and with the Elasticsearch team members. Most of the European Union-based employees of Elasticsearch journeyed to Berlin for Buzzwords and joined the hackathon - thanks for being so helpful and accessible!

Elasticsearch User Group

The Berlin Elasticsearch User Group, organised by Asquera, takes place the last Tuesday of every month. While we changed our May meeting to a hackfest, we went back to our regular schedule at the end of June. And we’ll see you in July, as well!

In June, we continued our tradition of hosting a beginners workshop and a more advanced talk. This time, Jilles Van Gurp told us about how they take advantage of the ELK stack (Elasticsearch + Logstash + Kibana) at his company, Linko.


In July, Hannes Korte will speak about the configuration settings of Elasticsearch - a topic that we think will be interesting for both masters and newbies. If you are in Berlin, drop by the co.up coworking space next Tuesday, 29th July from 19h!

Elasticsearch ELK Hackathon

On July 14th, Florian Gilcher will lead our second summer Hackathon. This time we’ll get together at the ThoughtWorks Werkstatt. If you are in Berlin or coming by for Tech Open Air, book your seat for this hacking day via the Berlin User Group meetup page. Hurry up, though! Space is limited and the last time we organized a day of hacking, we ended up with a long wait list.

Let's talk Python and Elasticsearch!

Buzzwords and Elasticsearch; Tech Open Air and Elasticsearch… big events are the perfect excuse to hack! On July 24th, we have another great excuse to get together - the EuroPython Conference.

We’ll dive deeper on the elasticsearch-dsl, the Elasticsearch client for Python, and host a talk by Honza Král, who will be visiting us from Prague. EuroPython is huge (they expect around 1200 Python developers to attend!) so the venue is also a huge one: we’ll have this extraordinary meetup at the Berlin Congress Center. You can see all the details and sign up here.

We’ll be back with more Elasticsearch in Berlin news by the end of the summer, but hopefully we’ll get to hear or see from you before that at any of our planned events. In the meantime, to wrap up, join us in sending a big thank you to the entire Elasticsearch crowd, our event co-organizers, and all the speakers, coaches and attendees that make Elasticsearch get togethers possible and enriching!

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