Logstash 2.3.3 Released

We are pleased to announce that Logstash 2.3.3 has been released today. This is a bug fix release. You can see the detailed changelog or jump directly to our downloads page!

Bugs Fixed


  • Fixed a defect where memory usage continued to grow each time pipeline was restarted dynamically after a config change. Many thanks to Ken DeLong (kenwdelong) for reporting this issue in detail (#5235).
  • Fixed a defect where Logstash would not stop even when KILL_ON_STOP_TIMEOUT was specified (#5427).


  • XML Filter
    • Added new configuration suppress_empty. By default the filter creates empty hash from empty xml elements (suppress_empty => false). This can now be configured, supress_empty => true will not create event fields from empty xml elements.
    • Added new configuration force_content. By default the filter expands attributes differently from content in xml elements. This option allows you to force text content and attributes to always parse to a hash value.
    • Ensure that target is set when storing xml content in the event (store_xml => true)
  • RabbitMQ Input
    • Fix SSL option to be boolean once again (#82).
    • Add separate ssl_version parameter.
    • Mark verify_ssl parameter as obsolete since it never worked.
    • Better checks for SSL argument consistency
  • TCP Input
    • Change the log level of the SSLError for the handshake from error to debug.
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