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Logstash 1.5.0 RC2 Released

We are pleased to announce a bug fix update to Logstash 1.5.0 release candidate. Yesterday we released RC1 and soon discovered a few issues which warranted a quick bug fix release. You can jump to the downloads directly or check the changelog for updates.

Bug Fixes

Elasticsearch output

Logstash would not start when used with the “node” and “transport” protocol option of the elasticsearch-output plugin. The “http” protocol was not affected by this bug (#2780).

Lumberjack input

When used with Lumberjack input, Logstash would not start because it was using an old version of the Lumberjack gem. We fixed the issue by publishing a new version (0.0.22) of the Lumberjack gem and updated Logstash to package it (#7).

Again, thanks to our users for reporting these issues. We are constantly evolving our continuous integration platform and we will make necessary additions to catch these issues, so they don’t happen in the future. Please download RC2 and let us know what you think! You can use our twitter handle (@elasticsearch) or head to our GitHub repository if you find any issues.

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