Kurrently in Kibana: The Road to Releasing 4.1

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Kibana 4.1: The Road to Release

Almost all of the major features for Kibana 4.1 have been merged with the exception of heat maps, which are almost there. We snuck in one more thing this past week, but really it was mostly squashing bugs and lots of intensive pull review in preparation for release.

Added a pause button for auto refresh

Quite simply pauses the auto refresh without the need to expand the time picker and turn it off. Sometimes its the little things, eh?

We also added one-click access to the refresh interval selector whenever the time picker is open and switched up how the tabs work for a cleaner, easier to use, design. (Also, I keep thinking “paws” when I type “pause” because @simianhacker has a house full of kittens and can’t stop posting pictures of those fluffy little balls of pure cuddliness and furniture destruction.)

The new server architecture is ready for review

In addition to playing with kittens, @simianhacker has been simian hacking hard on a new architecture for the Kibana server that enables a totally awesome plugin architecture that we’ll leverage to take Kibana, and other Elasticsearch-enabled (and enabling!) apps to the next level. Check out the write up over on the pull issue. It's like looking into the future!

Also, we:

  • Moved away from D3 events to a more standard, more flexible event emitter for chart interactions
  • Improved filtering in the data table vis when using the URL formatter
  • Added field formatters to the x-axis when using date range aggregations
  • Improved sizing of y-axis
  • Normalized legend values on the map
  • Added a tooltip for really long, and thus truncated index names
  • Added example images to the URL field formatter
  • Fixed a bug with range aggs that would cause an error if there were no ranges defined
  • Fixed a bug in percentage format that would cause the options to not appear
  • Fixed a bug in which aggregations configuration may not be properly validated
  • Fixed an extra new line in the table

See You Next Week!

Did you know? Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene, Logstash and Kibana all have weekly updates published to the Elastic blog.We'll bring you the newest, Kompletely mind-blowing stuff in next week's Kurrently in Kibana.

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