Kurrently in Kibana: 4.1 Feature Preview, Part 1

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Kibana 4.1: What's the scoop?

In the last episode of Kurrently in Kibana, we shared you all the glorious details about our planning for the 4.2 feature set. Since then, we've been hard at work on the 4.1 release. You can check out the larger scope of everything planned in the GitHub issues list for 4.1, but here's what we've been doing in the past week or so:

Import/Export saved objects definitions.

This allows you to export and share definitions of searches, visualizations and dashboards. It also lets you edit the raw JSON schema and import the object. (Pull pending)

Add and sort columns from the dashboard.

Previously columns and sort were tied to the saved search. If you wanted to change them you had todo so from Discover by re-saving the search with your new columns and sort. This changes allows you to change those parameters on a dashboard-by-dashboard basis, while still sharing the search between them.

Field formatter pull request ready for review!

A long time ask, this allows the user to apply transformation functions to the view of a field. For example, setting the precision of a number, or displaying it as bytes. Or taking a string and mapping it to a link. Phase 1 will have pre-defined functions, phase 2 will like be our first foray into a defined plugin structure and will allow users to define their own functions and views for fields. (Pull pending)

Sorting on scripted fields.

We've long been able to display and filter scripted fields. Now you can sort on them too. This means the only place you can't use scripted fields now is in the query bar. (Pull pending)

Added an indication of current time.

Super useful for folks with delayed data, or data that goes “into the future". It draws a faint red line on the chart at “now". This was designed in such a way that we can place multiples of these in arbitrary locations in the future, making them useful chart markers at a later time. (Pull pending)

Snapshot builds.

Snapshot build artifacts are now available for when you're jonesin' for the latest and greatest thing. Get them here.

And MOAR! So much more.

  • Murmur3 fields are now correctly treated as hashes instead of strings
  • Fixed the floating scroll bar
  • Fixed a relative time picker bug
  • Visualization loading indicator per panel
  • Fixed a situation in which visualizations with an unknown type would be hard to get rid of
  • Improved the display of navbar buttons
  • Fixed a bug in which auto-refreshing while still configuring a visualization could cause an exception
  • Added an indication of how many total saved objects of any type exist to the saved object list

In case you missed it...

No joke! Kibana 4.0.2 was released on April 1, with a number of important bug fixes and small updates to make the Kibana 4 experience even better. Check out our post on this minor release for more information.

Tutorials: You want 'em, we got 'em.

After a bit of a hiatus during what we call "The Elastic{ON} Period," we're now back in business with the newest episode in our WILDLY POPULAR Kibana 4 video tutorial series. In this third installment, we share with you how tile maps work in Kibana 4 -- giving you the tips you need to be a geographic-point-association pro! (Sorry if that title is a mouthful. Don't worry, though, you'll be awesome nonetheless.)

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An anonymous reporter from the Phoenix, Arizona office shares that some of the Kibana team members at Elastic may have been delighted to be assisting in the "renovations" of some sections of the building, taking great pride in hitting stuff with hammers. So never fear, dear readers, it appears to be true: even though it seems like they must never stop, the Kibana team does get away from the desk now and then! :)

See You Next Week!

As you may have seen, we're now publishing weekly updates on Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene, Logstash and Kibana. We'll bring you the latest and greatest in next week's Kurrently in Kibana.

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