Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for October 2, 2017

Welcome to Keeping up with Kibana! This is a weekly series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.


  • K7
    • [K7][UI Framework]: Pagination rows example, text style for ButtonEmpty #14219
    • [K7][UI Framework]: Clean up header component #14217
    • [K7][UI Framework]: KuiLink turns into a button if onClick exists. Can be colored #14185
    • [K7][UI Framework]: Advanced settings sandbox, sidenav tweaks #14179
    • [K7][UI Framework]: Add APM, Monitoring, Logging icons #14044
    • [UI Framework][K7] Add focus trap to KuiModal, support closing with ESC, and require onClose prop. #14155
    • [UI Framework] [K7] Add keyboard navigation to KuiContextMenu. #14108
    • [UI Framework] [K7] Make KuiContextMenu's entire title clickable for going back to the previous panel. #14088
    • [UI Framework] [K7] Add type prop to KuiSideNav and KuiCheckbox #14087
    • [UI Framework] [K7] Tweak new components #14071
  • K6
    • [UI Framework] Rename all $global-prefixed SCSS vars to use $kui-prefix for compatibility with K7. #14222
    • Add snapshotComponent test service for Jest. #14226


  • Fix typeahead keypress handlers #14135
  • Fix spatial filters when Kuery is in use #14158


  • [savedObjects] wait for Kibana index on every write #14202
  • [SavedObjects] use constructor options #14200
  • Make console history keyboard accessible #13946
  • [build] Commit generated init scripts #11205


  • Lots of exploration on how we want to handle observables in the new platform. We’ve using RxJS internally, but don’t want to expose that directly in the plugin api (as we don’t want to expose too many dependencies directly). We’ve got a PR out exploring a way of using native JavaScript observbles instead of RxJS, but we still haven’t made a decision.
  • We’ve got a PR out for running the new and the old platform at the same time. Aleh is working on adding more tests now, and we’re hoping to get it through a final review very soon.
  • Cleaned up and simplified our Babel setup. We’ve now got a `babel-preset` and a `babel-register` that are more obvious than the old setup we had.


  • Fixed a long time existing memory leak with dashboards, which would cause auto refreshed dashboards to hit OOM errors eventually #13871
  • Replaced angular gridster with react-grid-layout #13853
  • Fix bug with map updates not propagating to dashboards #13589
  • Introduce reporting tests by comparing against snapshots #2406
  • Fix reporting bug where timezone in reports was serverside, not clientside timezone #2403
  • Added visualization type for creating input controls for dashboards including a range slider and terms dropdown. #13314


V6.0.0 stabilization edition. These have no impact on existing v5 users.

  • Bugs
    • Handle 401 errors correctly in TSVB #14174
    • Fix chart legend format in TSVB #14084
    • Spatial filters now work with Kuery #14158
    • Legend now refreshes correctly #14150
    • Fix outline display in area charts #14149
    • Order of legend items now matches those of order of filters in the UI #14113
    • Don’t log errors to the console when selecting pipeline aggs #14148
    • More unit tests #14031
  • Some minor improvements
    • Users can now pan beyond the dateline on a map. #13955
    • In TSVB, users can now set a minimum interval size #13872
    • Users can now select percentiles in pipeline aggs #13453
    • Improve default design of pie charts #13661
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