Elastic{ON} Video of the Week: The ELK & The Eagle: Search & Analytics for the US Government

Loren Siebert serves as the technical lead for DigitalGov Search, the U.S. General Services Administration's service that powers the search box for 1,500 government websites. 

From helping the public find necessary paperwork on transactional pages like the Internal Revenue Service and the Immigration and Naturalization Service to helping nature lovers find photos of remote national parks on the Department of the Interior's website, Loren's work has helped revolutionize the way that everyday Americans are able to access the treasure troves of information contained in the web properties of the US Government.

Here's Loren's video and some of his reflections from his time as a speaker at Elastic{ON}. 

Question 1: What was your favorite moment at Elastic{ON}? 
I loved getting to bat around feature ideas with the various ELK project leaders. Emails and issue tracking systems are valuable, but being able to talk face to face with the right people was priceless.

Question 2: What did you learn at Elastic{ON}? 
I learned that a LOT of other people besides me are rabidly excited about this technology stack and are having a really good time using it and pushing it to the next level.

Question 3: What words of wisdom do you have for the community?
Leave the defaults alone in elasticsearch.yml. ;)

To watch Loren's full Elastic{ON} talk, follow this link or check out his slides below:

You can share this or find Loren on Twitter @lorensiebert

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