This Week in Elasticsearch - September 18, 2013

Welcome to This Week in Elasticsearch. In this roundup, we try to inform you about the latest and greatest changes in Elasticsearch. We cover what happened in the Github repositories, as well as many Elasticsearch events happening worldwide, and give you a small peek into the future of the project.

Elasticsearch core

  • Elasticsearch 0.90.4 and 0.90.5 (fixing an issue to install site plugins from Github) have been released. Check out the blog posts for 0.90.4 and 0.90.5 as well as the accompanying release notes (0.90.4 and 0.90.5). Especially check out the new function scoring capability!
  • Since switching to randomized testing, which randomizes all kinds of stuff (number of nodes, number of shards, number of replicas to start with) we have found some tests need to be refined in order to reflect different states compared to the static tests before. We are currently investing some time to improve rarely failing tests since the switch. You will find quite a few test related commits (fixing, stabilizing, adding logging, log specific annotations, changing loglevels etc) over the past weeks in our commit log, as we are really keen to have the most stable tests possible, even in a distributed system.
  • The CompletionFieldMapper now takes the path: just_name option correctly into account (#3669, 0.90 & master)
  • The REST API now supports returning all index templates, also some deprecated methods were removed (#2532 and #3681, 0.90 & master)
  • The RPM and Debian packages now both support a configuration option to not restart on package upgrade. This should prevent data moving around during updates. This is also now configured as default. (#3685, 0.90 & master)
  • A new dedicated thread pool for suggestion has been added, to prevent competing against normal search operations inside of this pool (#3698, 0.90 & master)
  • The refresh flags have been removed from the Flush and Optimize API (#3689 and #3690, 0.90 & master)
  • The RestActions#splitXXX(String) methods have been removed in favor of using Strings.splitStringByCommaToArray(String). Please check if your plugin needs to be updated (#3680, 0.90 & master)
  • On index removal a map with possibly waiting mappings to be applied was not cleaned correctly (#3697, 0.90 & master)
  • Library upgrades: Guava v15, (commit), jackson 2.2.3, (commit), netty 3.7.0, (commit), 0.90 & master
  • The Debian init script is now bourne shell compatible (#3691, 0.90 & master)
  • The Debian init script now also searches for JDKs of the ARM platform (#3659, 0.90 & master)
  • Completion Stats are now correctly included/excluded in REST responses (#3522, 0.90 & master)
  • Elasticsearch start-up shell script now copes with spaces in the directory name (#3712, 0.90 & master)
  • If a flush request hits an already ongoing flush, wait for the first one to finish (#3631, 0.90 & master)
  • Searching over all indices if none exists returns no results now instead of an exception (#3710, 0.90 & master)
  • New configuration parameter node.mode which supports local or network (#3713, 0.90 & master)
  • Site plugin copy mechanism was broken for 0.90.4 (#3707, 0.90 & master)
  • Elasticsearch can now be started as a service under windows (#3716, 0.90 & master)
  • Geo distance sorting now accepts sort_mode parameter (#3717, 0.90 & master)
  • Alias filters were not applied when using 'multi-index' syntax with wild card in URL (#3677, 0.90 & master)

Elasticsearch ecosystem

Here's some more information about what is happening in the ecosystem we are maintaining around Elasticsearch, including plugin and driver releases, as well as news about Logstash and Kibana.


Where to find Us


On September 19th, the Melbourne Search Users Group will have talk by about their migration to Elasticsearch.


Alexander Reelsen will be presenting Elasticsearch - Beyond full-text search at EJUG Austria on September 25th.

Czech Republic

Should you find yourself in Prague for WebExpo Prague 2013, stop in to see Karel Minarik and Honza Kral co-present Elasticsearch: Beyond Full Text Search.


Alex Reelsen will be attending to GOTO Aarhus with a few other folks from the Elasticsearch team on September 30th - October 2nd. You can pop by our booth to meet us, or just head to Alex's talk Elasticsearch - Beyond Full Text Search.




The fine folks spearheading the Oslo Elasticsearch Users Group will host their inaugural meetup on Thursday, September 26th. Martijn van Groningen will join the festivities to talk about new features in the works for Elasticsearch.


RubyShift 2013 kicks off on Friday, September 27th in Kiev. Karel Minarik will be there, giving a presentation on Elasticsearch: Search and Analytics the first day of the conference.

United States

Where to Find You

Are you hosting an Elasticsearch meetup or giving a talk about Elasticsearch? We would love to know so we can feature that information in future editions of This Week in Elasticsearch. Just let our Community Manager know what you're up to and we're happy to help promote your efforts.

Oh yeah, we're also hiring. If you'd like us to find you for employment purposes, just drop us a note.  We care more about your skill set and passion for elasticearch, kibana and logstash than where you rest your head.


If you are interested in Elasticsearch training we have courses taught by our core developers coming up in:

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